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Act Of Kindness Tree At St. Brigid School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In memory of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School one year ago, a West Hartford Catholic school’s Christmas mission is to perform random acts of kindness for people who are hurting at the holidays. And, it’s a Christmas tree that’s helping to drive home the message.

Each month, one grade, in the Saint Brigid School, is required to execute a community service project. But this month each of the 94 students, who attend the pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school, are filling up their Act of Kindness Christmas Tree with paper angels that contain acts of kindness the student either have or will perform.

4th grader, Nevaeh King said, “This winter, I’m going to adopt a family and we’re going to bring a whole bunch of presents to them this Christmas.”

Teachers say the phrase random act of kindness is now being used more than any other in the classroom.  “They constantly say, well would this be a random act of kindness? Can we put this on an angel? I helped my mom at home. Does this count,” shared Cara DeAngelis, a first grade teacher at the 51 year old school.

Parents have written letters to teachers saying how wonderful they think that it is that this program was started and how it’s made their child aware of things that they should be doing rather than things that they would only get credit for doing.

I feel like the generosity that we have in this school. It just makes me feel even better,” said Tavian Montanez, a 6th grade student.

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