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Methadone Clinic Proposed Near Waterbury School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

There is uproar in Waterbury.

Parents, educators and even the mayor are against the proposal to open a methadone clinic two doors away from Chase Elementary School.

“I’ve never felt so strongly to get down here on an issue in the City of Waterbury unlike tonight,” said Board of Alderman member Ryan Mulcahy, who spoke in front of the Board of Education Thursday.

Mulcahy opposed the idea along with the Waterbury Board of Education.

“There is not one parent that I hear or an educator that says, ‘Oh yeah, it’s a good

idea. Let’s do it,’ ” said Board President Charles Stango.

There was not one person Fox CT spoke with on or off camera who agreed with the idea.

All were in opposition to open a clinic near an elementary school that would primarily be used to treat heroin addicts.

“I think it should be separated from the school in a little area by itself,” said Carl Mason. Mason’s grandchildren attend the school.

The board unanimously passed a resolution at the meeting that expressed the concerns they have about the safety of students.

The resolution will be forwarded to state legislatures.

New Era Rehabilitation Center is the group behind the project, though they were not at Thursday’s meeting.

In Waterbury there is at least one other methadone clinic and several other centers that dispense methadone, according to the mayor.

Mayor Neil O’Leary questions whether another one is needed.

“I’m not quite convinced that there is a need for another clinic here in the city, but if there is, we can certainly find a better location,” said O’Leary.

There are no zoning obstacles for the group, since the building has already housed medical offices.

The board and city will look into the traffic patterns of the area surrounding Chase Elementary as well as a number of other things to prepare for a public hearing set for Thursday Jan. 30.

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