Pit Bull Attack Sends Two To Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A pit bull attack Sunday in Mystic sent two people to the hospital. Stonington Police said the attack happened around 3 p.m.

According to police, a woman was attacked by a pit bull in the hallway of Residence Inn Marriott in Mystic.

The caretaker tried to calm the dog down but couldn’t, and that’s when an officer stepped in.

“When that happened and the dog grabbed, the officer discharged a round into the dog,” said Stonington Police Captain Jerry Desmond. “The dog was transported by a local ACO (Animal Control Officer) to see if we can save the dog as well.”

Desmond believes the officer was bit on the arm. The officer was taken to the hospital, along with the injured woman.

Guests said the victim may have been a friend of the dog’s owner.

Some guests who were staying near the hallway where the attack took place were not allowed back inside their room for hours while police cleaned up the scene, according to a guest who wanted to remain anonymous. He described the scene as chaotic, saying the dog was on the loose.

“I was raised with nine kids in the house, so it was basically like being in the basement and us playing
tag upstairs with them trying to get a hold of the dog.”

Residence Inn declined to comment on the situation but said dogs are allowed inside. Its website does not provide any further details on the size and weight of the animals allowed.
The condition of the injured officer, woman and dog is unknown at this time.

Stonington Police continue to investigate.

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  • FamilyPitBullsMaul2

    Playing the blame game like it's the owners not the dogs and making excuses and assumptions is not solving the problem. It is adding to the problem. Trying to convince people they are Nanny Dogs when even the nationally known bully rescue Bad Rap says they can no longer stand behind the nanny dog phrase because it's killing children. And telling people It's all in how you raise them, when a large amount of attacks are by loved family pit bulls that never showed any aggression until the second they attacked. Most of the people that fight for restrictions on fighting breeds are either victims, witnesses, loved ones and friends of victims and survivors. We don't do it for revenge. We do it because we saw these attacks our selves. We have seen the sweetest family pit bulls attack without being provoked and without warning. We are the ones that see the aftermath of limb amputations. Painful skin graphs to try to fix the scalps, faces, noses, ears, and other flesh that was ripped off in these vicious attacks. The scars and deformities that people and our kids have to live with for the rest of their lives. Then there is the debt from medical bills including doctor bills for the post traumatic stress disorders for the survivors and the witnesses. And how about the peoples who's hearts have been ripped out of their chest and have to find reasons to go on everyday without their loved ones and children. The agony of a parent that doesn't get to see their child grow up or the kids that has to try to understand why their mommy is never coming home. And all this for what? Because you want to prove you can turn a fighting breed dog into a family pet. All of this is worth a few breeds of dogs. And then when we even try to compromise by just putting restrictions on these dogs instead of bans and your still not happy. You think it's not fair. Do you really think it's fair for people to endure all these thing just for a few dog breeds to exist? Fight for BSL. It's our only defense.

    • Mary

      So now we have to call the hotel before we check in to see if they allow pit bulls and if there are any when we get there. So now most Petsmart stores do not allow them in doggie day care, Military basis do not allow them, most apartment owners do not allow them. I just heard of someone with a pit asked to leave a beach. Most people do not want them around, so why do we keep saving so many of them?

      • Snoopy

        You see so many of them being saved, because of fear mongers popularizing them. Anyone with a little bit of understanding knows there is no such thing as a bad breed, but when people hate and bash a breed, that breed becomes the center of controversy and that breed always becomes insanely popular and prevails. The very people that hate pit bulls made them so popular. Most people fail to understand that, but if you ever want to thank anyone for the popularity of pit bulls, thank the people that hate them the most. They created a massive opposition, and there are people out there adopting pit bulls that previously would have never picked that breed.