New Haven Parking Ban In Effect All Week

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A New Haven resident of 14 years, Areta Huckaby lives on Irving Street, one of the block’s hardest hit by winter weather this season.

Her already narrow street, recently nearly impassable, “Parkings been a nightmare.”

To give crews the time and space needed to clear the roads a week-long parking ban for New Haven, began Monday morning.

It’s enforced on the trash pickup routes which are a day behind schedule due to the President’s day holiday.

The city’s message– get off the odd side of the street– park on the even.
If you dont you’ll be ticketed at a cost of about one hundred dollars and towed which can cost about one hundred dollars too.

Doug Hausladen is the Director of Transportation Traffic and Parking in New Haven, ” If you dont want to be towed, I’d highly recommend signing up on the emergency notification system–we are using the reverse 911 system a day in advance of all the trash routes to make sure people are aware.”

Huckaby lives on one of 39 prioritized city streets that are especially problematic.

Those 39 streets prioritized by public safety will have a complete clear operation to ensure continued access for first responders. These streets will have parking bans on both sides on dates and will have complete posting 24 hours in advance. A map of streets can be found at Narrow Street Clearing.

Snow plower and New Haven resident Mario Anes wants residents to help him, help you, “It’s very hard its tough- its not so much the streets its just the residents refuse to move their vehicles for us to come in and plow.”

Huckaby was thrilled to see the plows on her block Monday, “I heard the sound of the plows and I was like — what a sweet sound, like music to my ears! It’s good to see them out here doing their job and really cleaning up the streets. It will make life more bearable as far as traveling the city streets.”

Off street parking is being made available throughout the City. Click here for an up to date listing of available lots. Available Off Street Parking

Ban info can be found by calling 203-946 SNOW

For more information, click here. 

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