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Motion For Contempt Filed Against Father Of West Hartford Teen Justina Pelletier

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HC Custody Battle 1.jpegThe Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) has filed a motion for Lou Pelletier, the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, to be held in contempt of court sources tell FOX CT News.

Justina Pelletier is at the center of an ongoing legal custody battle between the State of Massachusetts and her parents in Connecticut.

She’s been away from her parents and under Massachusetts state custody since Feb. 14, 2013.

Judge Joseph Johnston issued a gag order on Nov. 7, 2013 when FOX CT was outside the courtroom asking questions.

After speaking exclusively with FOX CT before the gag order in October, Lou Pelletier began speaking publicly once again after the gag order following the most recent court hearing on February 4th.

Lou Pelletier has since made a national television appearance on the Glenn Beck Program and spoken on Glenn Beck’s radio show.

Sources say the motion for contempt references articles on www.theblaze.com and the NY Daily News, citing them as violations of the gag order.

It’s unclear what punishments Pelletier could face if the Judge decides to honor the motion for contempt.

Lou Pelletier has previously told FOX CT that the gag order surprised him because he believes that in April 2013, both DCF and Boston Children’s Hospital were aware that a Massachusetts newspaper was working on a story about Justina’s case.

Pelletier said it wasn’t until seven months later, when FOX CT was in the courthouse that the judge verbally issued the gag order.

Lou and Linda Pelletier lost custody of Justina after she was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital on Feb. 10, 2013 with the flu.

She was diagnosed by physicians at Tufts Medical Center years earlier with Mitochondrial Disease, a condition that affects cells and presents itself as muscle pain in weakness in various parts of the body.

But according to internal documents obtained by FOX CT, Boston Children’s Hospital physicians said Justina had a mental condition called somatoform disorder.

After the Pelletiers asked to have her discharged, they were escorted out by hospital security.  A 51A form was filed by the hospital, beginning the process of transferring custody of Justina to DCF.

The Mass. DCF stepped in and by February 14th a judge had transferred custody of Pelletier to the state of Massachusetts DCF.

Pelletier remained inside Boston Children’s Hospital against her will and the will of her parents until mid-January 2014 at which time she was transferred to the Wayside Family and Youth Support Network facility in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The next scheduled court date is Monday February 24th.

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  • Kevin

    Dcf should be held in contempt.Who the hell do these thugs think they are? How many more kids need to be harmed under their care.

    This Dad should be speaking to anyone that will listen.

    His daughter was taken because some jerk with an ego thinks he knows more than one of his peers.

    • candy

      WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Our civil rights are violated. where is their trial by jury? Where is ours? free Natalie Courchesne

      • Bob

        This is what happens when you allow organizations like this to work for Profit. They do not look at what is wrong with the child only how they can profit from it. I say it because they do not look upon kids as humans only as a commodity to be sold and traded. We see the same issue with For Profit prisons.

        And privatization is what the republicans are continually pushing for….profits over people.

        Disgusting what has happened to this family. But you don't see one repub or dem stepping forward and saying this is wrong.

  • Candy Courchesne

    Make sure you tell them its not just kids with medical issues, there are MANY innocent families being abused by DCF. FREE NATALIE COURCHESNE
    you can also email:
    Executive Health and Human Services Claudia Henderson:
    DCF assit Secretary Kathy Betts:
    MA Ombudsmans Office Kevin Barboza:
    Attorney General Martha Coakley:
    Governor Deval Patrick:

  • candy courchesne

    PEOPLE OF MASSACHUSETTS. you must pressure your State Reps to have JUDGES elected by the people and not appointed by government! THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ALLOW DCF TO KEEP YOUR CHILDREN WITH NO PROOF OR EVIDENCE. Judges are the ones who make the final decision.

  • Bob

    So what legal advocacy in MA for Justina is happening in this case. If the hospital feels they need to assert their privilege to involve DCF resulting in this custody battle then make the data public on which the decision was made. Where is the independent authority to evaluate the evidence and available data for this–does MA have such a body? If not, why not? If so, then please make transparent all the data in this case so the public is not left with incomplete information on which they are judging the case. For the moment–MA looks like the big brother in 1984–perhaps they have been allowed to evolve to this–so much for the tea party of Boston. I guess this isn't yesterday–it's tomorrow happening today. Please release all information in this case to enable a more complete understanding of the circumstances.

  • Salvadore Pina

    True Patriots need to covertly encounter all governmental and hospital perps involved with this gross injustice, and met out the most severe Medieval actions that can be imagined. I suggest the use of needle-nose pliers and blowtorches!!!

  • J Fleck

    If the doctors carried out the previous treatments why are the parents being punished (assuming the treatment was wrong). While there’s no way for the lay public to know for certain who is right or wrong, the fact the courts want everything sealed and quiet while the parents want transparency makes me suspicious the state is trying to hide the facts from public scrutiny because they’re in the wrong.

    • corena barber

      the medical team and legal teams are wrong. while in custody for a year in the hospital no health improvement for the diagnosis of mental illness because of lack of improvement the mental dx at onset does appear ? The hospital subjecting the child to the last year, hope the child remains strong and over comes the current medical teams and care giver provisions. the placement is to see if she does better outside the hospital setting and to see if the parents can get along with the care providers. Since the actual diagnosis is mitochondrial ,the medical team within the teaching hospital made what seems to be student mistakes threw out the diagnostics manual and came up with a controversial mental health diagnosis. Dcf and cps the departments of protective services is to protect children while in the custody of group homes residential treatment center and hospitals ,Institutional and residential providers they failed again relying on the medical staff that failed protocol. Since departments fail constantly, have huge error rates many children are deprived of medical ,education ,social skills while in custody subjected to irrational ideas of the team members and providers. it is very obvious the family is objecting to the department and the parents should. the old saying is give a idiot a little bit of power and all you have is a idiot with a little bit of power. A year and no improvement for the hospital dx . The judge ?

    • corena barber

      in Iowa during the nineteen thirties children with hearing problems were studied and compared to children without hearing problems. those children lived in orphanages. the teaching hospital abused the children. the teaching hospital where this child has been institutionalized for a year, a medical abuse in itself. dr pscychoceramic teaching in that hospital and providing medical education and treatment to children with or without consent? The children became adults sued won their civil suit and awarded damages

  • James Schneider

    Something doesn't make sense. Is that because we are only getting half the story? Are there no TV celebrity lawyers clamoring to advocate for this family pro bono? Why not? Where are the original diagnosing doctors? Why have they not been interviewed? Why haven't they been asked to either confirm or deny the facts presented by the parents. If the "system" is allowed to take your child away for "protective custody" shouldn't that require the parents being charged with a crime. Has the judge been interviewed or is there a news van out front of his house 7×24? Have each of the MA officials listed in a previous comment been asked about this case? What are they doing about it. Is Governor Patrick aware of this? Has he asked anyone for any information about this case? No, I'm sorry; this is still the USA and I'm not going to condemn an entire hospital, a set of doctors and an entire state government until some common sense questions are answered. But they better be answered pretty quick, and answered by Governor Patrick or he will have to answer to the voters.

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