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Sledding Like Nothing You’ve Experienced Before

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Tired of skiing or tubing?  How about taking a spin on a Mad River Rocket?

“It’s a Vermont sled, created here for bombing around in the woods,” says Will Smith, an employee at the Mountain Goat in Manchester, Vt., an outdoor store offering guided tours of the scenic landscape aboard these extraordinary sleds, anything but an average backyard glider.  “You can definitely steer them like a small car or bobsled because you’re strapped in and can set an edge and turn and stop.”

Participants are told to put their hands in the air, as if they’re holding ski poles, then swoosh down a packed path or go off-roading in an S formation.  The Rocket has even gained a passionate following of stunt-sledders.

“People do back flips and barrel rolls, spins, stuff like that,” explains Smith.  “If there’s a tree, and it’s got enough snow on it, you can actually ride the tree because you can really balance on them.”
But, first time adventurers can take their sleds to the Equinox Preserve, a beautiful, public area, nestled in the mountains.

“They’re old logging trails from a long time ago that have been kept in shape so people can snowshoe, cross country ski, hike in the summer,” says Smith, explaining that anyone can use the Mad River Rocket whether they’re a toddler or a senior.  “It’s fun to go fast!  It gets your adrenaline pumping!”

A ride aboard the aerodynamic chariot is a truly unique experience.

“It takes the idea of sledding to the next level,” laughs Smith.  “It’s all about getting people outside!”
A three-hour tour with the Mountain Goat costs $60. Folks can also rent a sled for $12 a day.  Click here to visit the store’s website for more information and click here to learn all about the Mad River Rocket!

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