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Justina Pelletier’s Dad Speaks Out Despite Gag Order

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A Fox Connecticut investigation is back in the national spotlight this week.

It surrounds Connecticut father Lou Pelletier, who may be violating a court issued gag order in an effort to save his daughter, Justina Pelletier’s life.

The medical mystery and custody nightmare for these parents is blowing up nationally and going viral online.

At one point Wednesday, it was the number one most talked about topic on social media site twitter, according to www.theblaze.com.

West Hartford’s Lou Pelletier has been battling to regain custody of Justina for more than a year now after he disagreed with a new diagnosis for his daughter by Boston Children’s Hospital doctors.

“She is at her breaking point, and we can’t stand anymore and allow this to happen,” said Lou Pelletier Thursday night on Fox News.

Despite a gag order issued by a judge in November, Lou and his wife, Linda Pelletier, are breaking their silence.

It remains unclear if what they are saying is, in fact, a violation of that gag order.

Thursday night Lou appeared on national television. He was a guest on “The Kelly File,” hosted by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly during prime time.

Megyn Kelly: “Why are you breaking your silence despite what could be repercussions?”

Lou Pelletier: “Bottom line is, my daughter’s life is now at stake.”

Lou and Linda both spoke with Fox CT earlier this month outside the Boston courthouse following Justina’s  last hearing on Feb. 4.

Lou: “There still is a gag order …”

Linda: “But we’re talking indirectly, you know? I don’t feel this is a bad thing to say. This is my daughter. I have to say something.”

Lou: “Somebody has to defend her. It’s not this court. It’s not the State of Massachusetts.”

Pelletier also appeared on Glenn Beck’s “BlazeTV” television show and Beck’s radio program this week.

Beck: “They accused you of medical child abuse … that you were putting your daughter through tests and everything else she didn’t need to go through?”

Pelletier: “Correct”.

But earlier this week, sources say the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, which has custody of Justina now, filed a motion to hold Lou Pelletier in contempt of court, accusing him of breaking the gag order.

Berman: “Have you seen this before? Somebody directly taking the chance of violating a gag order?”

“Almost never, but then I’ve never seen a case that from a far looks quite as outrageous as this one,” said Connecticut Attorney Norm Pattis on Thursday in an exclusive interview with Fox CT.

Pattis explained how gag orders can function and what risks Lou Pelletier may face.

“He could be held in contempt of court and potentially placed behind bars or fined monetarily,” said Pattis.

For now, Pelletier says he’s set on getting the word out before the next custody hearing on Monday.

Lou says he believes that as this yearlong legal battle continues, he now needs to gain support in the court of public opinion.

Lou Pelletier: “It wasn’t until November, Nov. 17 when the local Fox in Connecticut aired it that the gag order came out because Boston Children’s was up in arms.”

Megyn Kelly: “Are you worried about the consequences of you speaking out?”

Lou Pelletier: “I’m saving my daughter’s life.”

For in-depth details on the Justina Pelletier case head to our investigations page at foxct.com/investigations

Fox CT will be reporting on-scene from the next hearing which is Monday morning in Boston.

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