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DEEP Considering Expanding Deer Hunting Season

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Connecticut deer aren’t going to like this…the legislature is considering allowing hunting on Sundays.

The proposal, backed by the Department Of Energy And Environmental Protection, would be for the bowhunting season, and only on private property.

DEEP said giving bowhunters more shots at deer needs to happen because there’s a growing overpopulation problem in the state…30 to 40 deer per square mile in some areas.

Some in the legislature argue another hunting day on the weekend could jeopardize the safety of hikers in the woods, but DEEP’s proposal wouldn’t allow bowhunting within 40 yards of an obvious trail.

“The six days a week that hunters are out there now, there has not been an incident of a bowhunter injuring a hiker or someone out in the woods since the dawn of modern hunting regulations in Connecticut in 1974,” DEEP spokesman, Dennis Schain, said.

Deer hunting, seven days a week during the season, already exists in 42 other states.

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  • jim smith sr

    The law will allow Sunday hunting on private land only . It is about time the state lets people use their private property the way they see fit. It is owned by them and they pay taxes on it. They should be able to enjoy hunting on Sunday on their own property.
    People that are not invited to use the property by the landowner are trespassers and should realize that the property they are trespassing on is not owned by the state and they haven’t any right to be there , least say on how the landowner should use it.

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