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In Video Plea, Charla Nash Asks For OK To Sue State

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

charlanashBy Jon Lender, Hartford Courant

HARTFORD — Charla Nash, blind since a 2009 mauling by a chimpanzee that ripped off her face and hands, says in a video plea to legislators that her disabilities make her feel “locked up … like I’m in a cage.”

Nash’s legal and public-relations team released the video in advance of a General Assembly hearing Friday on her request that legislators let her sue the state for $150 million.

In the nearly seven-minute video, Nash says she hopes lawmakers “will allow me to have my day in court — that I will be able to have a judge listen to the evidence that is brought before him about the vicious attack on me, and that it shall not happen to any other person again.”

Nash, who needed a face transplant, is expected to appear but not testify at the public hearing before the judiciary committee, said Kevin Reynolds, a lobbyist for Nash’s legal team.

The committee hearing — at noon in hearing room 2C of the Legislative Office Building — is the first step in the legislature’s deliberations on Nash’s effort to overturn a decision last June by state Claims Commissioner J. Paul Vance Jr.

Vance denied Nash’s request that he waive the state’s sovereign immunity against lawsuits seeking financial damages and allow her to file a $150 million lawsuit in Superior Court against the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The General Assembly has the power to pass legislation overruling the claims commissioner’s decision.

Read more at courant.com.

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  • jim c

    Uh, NO! While it is sad what happened to her, the state (taxpayers) aren't at fault. She can sue her friend who owned the chimp though, but I guess that wouldn't yield millions of dollars.

  • Elaine Rogers

    Yes , this was a tragic accident, but why should the state be sued? They didn't own the chimp. She went voluntarily, to help catch the animal, her own decision, she could have said no thank you, call animal control.

  • rachel

    lawsuits every where about any thing!!! maybe people should make smarter decisions and stop blaming everyone else for their own ignorance!! who tf wants to play with or interact with a chimp that isn't a zoo keeper.???? smh… grow a brain!

  • shore

    My brother in law's brother Dallas Weins the first full facial transplant in the country didn't sue the church or the power company when he had his face melted off. He went back and got married in that church. Maybe if you didn't piss off or even have a chimp this wouldn't happen.

  • Bob

    Her case is worthless. She knew this chimp had behavioral problems in the past when she had come over to help calm the animal. Until the attack she thought it was 'so cute' to own a wild animal. Now after her tolerance and acceptance of this wild animals aggressive behavior in the past resulted in an attack she is trying to hold everyone accountable except herself.

  • TooRotten

    If the State had taken the chimp from her friend before this happened, Charla would have been standing next to her friend screaming about it being unfair to put Travis is a zoo cage! She had personal experiences with his temperament issues, yet she never said to her friend that she should give him up, or gone to the authorities herself, wrote a letter of complaint about him being there… No, she continued to help her friend keep Travis hidden and off the radar! Now she wants a huge payout from the very people she avoided like the plague so that her and her friend could have a stressed out, psychotic and rampaging chimpanzee run amok… The irony is painful! Hope she cannot sue and doesn't receive a penny for her part in this.

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