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New Food Festival Celebrates The 4 B’s

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

David Salinas has a big vision. It involves filling the halls of an old factory with food and drink. He has created the 4B Festival. The B’s stand for beer, bourbon, barbecue and bacon, not exactly the four food groups

“You’ll have people pouring beer, bourbon, some of the treats,  barbecue cooks cooking outside and serving samples and tastings,” Salinas said. “And then you have bacon. Who doesn’t love  bacon?”

He’s also hoping to fill the old swimsuit factory in New Haven with a lot of people,  two sessions, each with 2,000 people.

“That is a lot of bacon!,” said Megan Fama,  Oak Haven Table and Bar’s head chef.

Fama doesn’t bat an eye at the thought of cooking 4,000 samples of veal bacon and deviled eggs.

“I come from an Italian grandmother who said, ‘Five people? Cook for 25 people.’ That number doesn’t scare me off. Let’s knock it out,” she said.

She knows that in the end that could mean 4,000 new customers

“This is a bourbon restaurant,” she said. “So anyone that doesn’t know we’re here, this will be good exposure.”

Said Salinas: “We’ve got bacon cupcakes, brownies, candy – anything we could find with bacon with it.”

The event keeps growing, and tickets keep selling out, which means more glasses , more swag and support from the city. Who knows, a successful first time food event could have more benefits than just filling New Haven with the smell of bacon

“For tourism, I think this is important, and for people to come to the city and see that this is a major hub,” Salinas said.


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