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Raw: Lou Pelletier Interview

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • candy

    i hope your making a list of parents who have their kids kidnapped by MA DCF. Is there a lawyer out there that will do a class action lawsuit?? IM in.

  • M Rosales

    Beau, once again – excellent coverage! Thank you immensely for all that you've done, and that you are doing to keep us updated. You've been doing such a fantastic job, and we really appreciate you for keeping us informed. Thank you! God bless, and Godspeed miracles for Justina and her family!

  • carlapage54


  • Pam

    I would like to get a message to Lou Pelletier, I cannot find contact information so I am posting comments like the following on multiple web sites. Justina was kidnapped by the state. Take your evidence, which does not need to be much, and go to your local FBI office to report the kidnapping of your daughter. They are mandated by law to investigate and even the judge is not immune to kidnapping charges. Government employees lose their "qualified immunity" and can be charged in their individual capacities when they act outside of their official capacity- which is open and obvious in your case. The precedent set by the case at the following link establishes that and many other important statutes: one being if a law or policy does not adhere to the Constitution then it is invalid thus making all actions taken from said policy or law invalid- fruit of the poisonous tree. The FBI substantiated kidnapping, perjury by the state employees, and wrong-doing in the court in our case. They are waiting for the United States Attorney General's Office to authorize the arrest warrants for over 30 government workers that abused our family. I believe if more families that have had this happen to them go to the FBI then maybe something would be done to bring order and sanity back to this part of the system. Do not lose hope, it is a long hard road but you are doing the right thing. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • jpkeearthlinknet

    From what I've heard about the Pelletier's situation and many others similar to it, all these statements below apply. Has anyone involved in this/other cases considered trying to enlist the help of the UN and US National Council on Disability, and the ACLU? – ___________________________________________________________________ "…The Special Rapporteur on Torture (United Nations) recently called for an absolute ban on all forced and non-consensual medical interventions against persons with disabilities, including the non-consensual administration of psychosurgery, electroshock and mind-altering drugs such as neuroleptics, the use of restraint and solitary confinement, for both long- and short- term application.

    Furthermore the U.S. National Council on Disability recommended, 'Laws that allow the use of involuntary treatments such as forced drugging and inpatient and outpatient commitment should be viewed as inherently suspect, because they are incompatible with the principle of self-determination. Public policy needs to move in the direction of a totally voluntary community-based mental health system that safeguards human dignity and respects individual autonomy.' "-Tina Minkowitz, Esq.

    The 2013 UN special report (Special Rapporteur on Torture) clearly identifies human rights violations such as:

    1. “[M]edical treatments of an intrusive and irreversible nature, when lacking a therapeutic purpose may constitute torture or ill-treatment when enforced or administered without the free and informed consent of the person concerned.

    2. “Medical care that causes severe suffering for no justifiable reason can be considered cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and if there is State involvement and specific intent, it is torture.

    3. “Forced interventions, often wrongfully justified by theories of incapacity and therapeutic necessity [are] inconsistent with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

    4. “[D]eprivation of liberty that is based on the grounds of a disability and that inflicts severe pain or suffering could fall under the scope of the Convention against Torture. In making such an assessment, factors such as fear and anxiety produced by indefinite detention, the infliction of forced medication or electroshock, the use of restraints and seclusion, the segregation from family and community, etc., should be taken into account.” jim keiser, FB page admin- Mental health/psychiatric watchdog & reform activity-

  • Vinney Elias

    I am a missing persons locater myself and I just happened to arrive or 'stumble upon this website: I am not a private investigator but only do conduct searches not investigations, I reiterate. I have an extremely high tract record in the locating of for example long-lost relatives or friends, or for legal pursuits. I am not here to advertise my services. However it wasn't only until recently did I come to hear about this story or incident. I myself would like to conduct a search for and to contact Mr. Lou Pelletier, and I am confident that I will locate him with to inform him with regards to a similar incident that I incurred several years ago, roughly about ten (10) years ago: If I locate Mr. Lou Pelletier I will inform him of this website and just maybe he might just allow me his place contact information herein, with his permission of course. I will get back to this website time and development permitting. VinneyV

  • VinneyV

    VinneyV: I believe that I have located Mr. Lou Pelletier and wife and have submitted a message to them. Hopefully, they will respond, as I myself underwent such a similar experience several years ago and would like to inform them how that I utilized the legal system to remove myself from such a similar predicament. I will keep you all posted as to time and developments as they occur and permit-VinneyV/04/30/14