Malloy Announces Re-Election Bid

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Video report by Laurie Perez, Fox CT

Text by Daniela Altimari, Hartford Courant

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Friday confirmed what most observers had long expected: He’s running for a second term.

For months, the Democrat had brushed off questions about his reelection plans, telling reporters he’d make his decision in May, after the legislative session. But in a low-key announcement at a press conference following the bond commission meeting at the legislative office building, Malloy finally addressed the issue.


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  • Robert N. Jetmore

    Governor Mallory fix the corrupt Ct. probate courts that steal from the elderly with impunity.
    There is overwhelming evidence of probate corruption in Connecticut and throughout this great nation just by the number of complaints and newspaper journalistic articles. I am one of those victims. With impunity the courts use time and legal expenses to make justice impossible. I have been seeking justice since 2005 against two corrupt probate judges and there appointed associates in probate crimes.

    I am an elderly victim of a corrupt new London Ct. probate court and the attorney's they appointed.

    New London Ct. Probate Judge Matthew H. Green lied and committed blatant fraud in a decision not to admit a will without any testimony to support his findings. He appointed an administrator who ignored the estate expenses and stole over 30 thousand dollars from the estate with help from the court. His name is Attorney Garon Camassar. Both should be serving time instead they have impunity

    The will was in effect for 12 years and the attorney who drew it up testified under oath of its validity.

    All the evidence of my accusations exists and is readily available. One attorney Sally A. Roberts made accusations of being afraid for her safety to enter New London and was informed that she made life long enemies by representing me. She also was let go by her law firm. She has overwhelming evidence that I am convinced she was forced to suppress.

    I am the legal beneficiary of a will in effect for twelve years with testimony, taking under oath, of its validity, by the attorney who drew it up. I feel I, as a whistle blower on another corrupt incident that I tried to expose concerning fraud and civil rights violation was harassed by the participating individuals.

    Whistleblower evidence that instigated the attack. Probate judge, Mathew H. Green, allowed the ex-husband, Frank Gennotti,
    Sr. to marry Mary A. Gennotti, using her maiden name, on Feb. 27, 2009,
    by a justice of the peace, Shirley Pope Alloway, Frank's friend for
    over forty years. He was an abusive husband with restraining orders and
    numerous police complaints against him, and he also made death threats.
    Mary could not sign her name, so someone placed an X. On March 16, 2009,
    Probate Judge Greene, appointed her ex-husband, Frank, conservator of
    Mary and of her estate. Mary died March 27, 2009, thirty days after the
    illegal marriage. Her death certificate listed the cause of death as
    Glioblastoma Neoplasia @ Temparallous, intervals for months and
    degenerative dementia for years. Three months prior to her death she
    was a patient at L & M Hospital and could not recognize close family

    Evidence presented is missing from the court records. Twenty three had
    written documents.

    The judge has now vicious retaliated against the 74 year old whistle
    blower with actions of eviction from a home he constructed and lived in
    for the past 52 years.

    Robert N. Jetmore

  • Christopher Tommasi

    So glad Malloys term is almost up. He is the worst governor since Roland. He has risen our taxes so he can waste more money in other places. We supposably have a surplus of money, so why not lower taxes and spend less. We keep spending on education and still no improvements. When we give millions to hep companies we should own part of that company. Mallory is as smart as good as he can speak.

  • Jay

    First time I'm voting Republican is in November! Hopefully the CT voters will see through Malloy's fraudulent ways! We can only hope!!! Is their any group he hasn't tried to kiss and make up the past few months? Just sickening, the arrogance makes my skin crawl.