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List: World War I Veterans Originally Honored By Memorial

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
State WWI Veterans Originally Honored By Memorial
The names of more than 200 Connecticut World War I veterans who were originally honored with cast iron plaques in a memorial at Colt Park that was taken down in the 1960s. Most of the plaques, found in a basement, are rusted and need to be restored. *-indicates plaques that are missing and must be replaced.
Ahern, William Donald, First Class Private, Army
Alboe, Dermont Burnett, First Class Private, Army
Alexander, John Franklin, First Class Private, Army
*Alexion, Peter, Henry, First Class Private, Army
Allen, Franklin First Class Private Army
Anderson, Arvid Private Army
Atcheson, Walter Harvey Private Army
Ballardo, Angelo Private Army
Baranowsky, Antony First Class Private Army
Barber, Sebastino Private Army
Bardons, Frank Phillip Private Army
Bassett, WilfredJ. Private Army
Battaline, Frank Corporal Army
Beardslee, Sidney Alvord Second Lieutenant Army
Beccaccino, Frank Private Army
Benson, James First Class Private Army
Bigelow, Avery D. Sergeant Army
Blummert, Gustav Private Army
Boardman, Thomas Bradford Second Lieutenant Army
Bruton, WilliamAlfred Private Army
Brymner, Wallace John First Class Private Army
Burgess, Raymond Allen Private Army
Burns, James Private Army
Burroughs, Harry Albert Private Army
Butler, Paul Watson First Class Private Army
Butler, Michael Joseph Private Army
Cahill, CliffordWalter Sergeant Army
Campbell, Marcel John Seaman, Second Class Navy
* Carabillo, Nicola Private Army
Carlson, Andrew L. Private Army
* Carr, Lucien III CaptainArmy
* Carroll, John Thomas Private Army
* Cassells, Patrick Joseph Private Army
Cassells, Thomas Francis Private Army
Cataldo, Max Private Army
Chaffee, Oswell Wilbur First Class Private Army
* Chase, Earl Milton First Class Private Army
Christianson, Thomas Wester Private Army
Clark, Niles C. First Class Private Army
Cleary, Joseph M. First Class Private Army damaged; missing #
Coiro, Thomas Joseph Private Army
Collins, Robert Elroy Corporal Army
Connors, Matthew Stephen Private Army
* Conroy, Michael M. M. Corporal Army
* Corcoran, WilliamAloysius Private Army
* Coughlin, CharlesFrancis Sergeant Army
Cowles, Donald Buford First Lieutenant Army
Daley, James Francis Private Army
* D’Ambrosio, Antonio Private Army
De Luca, William Private Army
Deady, Thomas Francis First Class Private Army
Dinovellis, Antonio Private Army
* Donovan, Thomas Timothy Sergeant Army
* Drew, Edward Joseph Private Army
Dubey, Amery J. First Class Private Army
* Elfstrom, Gustaf W. W. Mate Navy
Epstein, Michael First Class Private Army
Farrell, EdwardThomas First Class Private Army
* Fien, Julius First Class Private Army
* Fierberg, Samuel Private Army
Finlayson, Robert Murray Sergeant Army
Finlayson, Kenneth S. M. Private Army
Fogarty, John G. Private Army
Forsberg, Ernest Harold Corporal Army
Gallagher, Harry Richard Private Army
Garrant, Henry J. Private Army
Garvin, James Sidney First Class Private Army
Gillett, Robert Swift First Lieutenant Army
Gocher, WilliamWallace Corporal Army
Gwozdz, Fred T. Sergeant Army
Haile, George Private Army
* Halford, James Thompson Mate Navy
Hamersley, WilliamJames Field Director Red Cross
* Hannon, Frank Joseph Private Army
Harmon, Christopher Bernard Sergeant Army
Hart, Louis Francis D. S. C. Private Army
Hatch, EdwardWatson Sergeant Army
Healy, Francis Harold Corporal Army
Healy, Daniel First Class Private Army
Hearld, Frank J. Private Army
Herman, Maurice Fisher Corporal Army
Hermanowski, Stanley Private Army
Hicks, Alton Benjamin Private Army
Hilbert, Hyman Private Army
Hirschhaut, William L. Private Army
Horton, WilliamJohn Seaman, Second Class Navy
Hughes, Thomas James Jr Private Army
Hults, Alfred G. F. Private Army
Hunter, John EdwardJr Private Army
Ibell, RichardWilliam Second Lieutenant Army
Johnson, Harry Sergeant Army
Johnson, Soren Christian Corporal Army
Johnson, Gustaf L. Private Army
Johnson, Hilmer Oscar Private Army
Johnson, James Henry Private Army
Johnston, Daniel Stephen Sergeant Army
* Kalahza, William Joseph Corporal Army
Keating, Maurice Francis Sergeant Army
King, William J. Private Army
Kling, Anthony Miles Private Army
* Kohler, Peter Joseph Sergeant Army
La France, Nelson Edward Private Army
Lally, William Joseph Private Army
Lamkins, Walter Clifford First Class Private Army
Lamponale, Rocco G. First Class Private Army
Lapenta, Frank Private Army
Lavery, Robert Private Army
Lawler, Frank Jr. Corporal Army
Lennihan, Francis Andrew Private Army
Lobmeyer, Henry Frederick Mate Navy
Locke, Arthur Franklin CaptainArmy
Londry, Louis Joseph Private Army
Losty, Edward Joseph Private Army
Lynch, John Sylvester Seaman Navy
Lyons, Philip
* Mahon, Thomas Francis Private Army
* Mahoney, Jeremiah Aloysius Corporal Army
Marone, Rocco Vincent Private Army
Marzovillo, Tony Private Army
Maslen, William MacMillian Private Army
Matthews, Daniel Albert Private Army
McAdam, Ralph Mott Private Army
McGuire, James Joseph CaptainArmy
McKissock, David Private Army
McNally, John Joseph First Sergeant Army
McNamara, Joseph Francis Private Army
Metcalf, Albert LeRoy First Class Private Army
Mildren, Herbert First Class Private Army
Miller, Abe Edward Private Army
Milton, Howard Icome Corporal Army
Missiri, Salvatore Private Army
Mitchell, Raymond Edward Mate Navy
Mohl, Ernest Carl Private Army
Moore, James Arthur Private Army
Moriarty, John Joseph Private Army
Moss, Arthur Private Army
Murphy, Joseph H. Jr Private Army
Miznick, Forna G. Private Army
Oberempt, George H. Sergeant Army
* O’Brien, Patrick Joseph Private Army
O’Connell, Michael Francis Private Army
* O’Connell, Thomas Francis Private Army
* O’Donnell, William Lynn Corporal Army
Van Orden, Chauncey Mate Navy
Owens, John Thomas D. S. C. Second Lieutenant Army
* Pappagallo, Henry First Class Private Army
Patz, Edmund Burrill First Class Private Army
Perkins, Lyman Burnham Lieutenant Navy
Peterson, Nels Christian Private Army
Petrie, Harry Richard Private Army
Powers, Francis Edward Seaman, Second Class Navy
Pretto, Franklin Edward Private Army
* Ragatsky, Abraham Private Army
Rau, George John C. G. Major Army
Ray, Harold McKay Private Army
Reardon, WillaimHenry Corporal Army
Remmert, GeorgeJoseph Private Army
Reno, Roy William First Class Private Army # ? See Roberts
Richardson, Leon E.
Rines, Robert Maurice D. S. C., C. G. Sergeant Army
Roberts, James Henry D. S. C. Sergeant Army # ? See Reno
Roberts, Henry W. Private Army
* Robinson, Caldwell Colt D. S. C., N. C. Second Lieutenant Army
* Root, GeorgeWelles Sergeant Army
Root, Eaton Phelps Seaman, Second Class Navy
Rose, Philip Livingston Second Lieutenant Army
Rosenthal, Marshall G. First Class Private Army
Rosenthal, GeorgeBurton Mate Navy
Russell, CharlesEdward Seaman, Second Class Navy
Sawyer, Edward G. Private Army
* Schiller, Earl Augustus Private Army
Seraphin, John Private Army
Shannon, Philip Michael First Class Private Army
Sharley, Sam A.
Shavinsky, William Private Army
Shuckerow, Francis Patrick Corporal Army
Simpson, Hollis C. Sergeant Army
Sinsigallo, Joseph Lawrence Corporal Army
Smith, CharlesMcLean Private Army
Smith, WilliamHarlow Private Army
Spugnardo, GeorgeLawrence First Class Private Army
Stack, John Private Army
Sullivan, Dennis Lawrence Corporal Army
Sullivan, Walter Timothy Private Army
Sutherland, Gerald Grevel Private Army
Swan, Francis Gilbert First Class Private Army
Swornesbourne, Walter Wakeford Private Army
Taylor, Harvey John Mate Navy
Thomson, Albert Frederick Private Army
Ubert, Jacob Frederick First Class Private Army
Velhage, Francis Buckley Seaman, Second Class Navy
Vergoti, Thomas Private Army
Voorhees, John Brownlee D. D. Attachee YMCA
Vorasoks, Eopim Private Army
Walton, William R. Private Army
Watts, Ralph Bernard Private Army
Weissheimer, John Warren Major Army
Weisman, Morris First Class Private Army
West, John Sergeant Army
Whalen, ClaytonWilliam Sergeant Army
* Whalen, James Patrick Corporal Army
White, MarionHumphrey
Wilson, Harold S. Private Army
Wilson, Roger Private Army
Wingate, Edmund Lewis Mate Navy
Wollman, Soloman First Class Private Army
Wright, George Ellis First Class Private Army
Wright, Charles Weeks Private Army
* Yaffo, Marcus William Private Army
Young, Edward Milton D. S. C. Second Lieutenant Army

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