Republicans Oppose Gov. Malloy’s Rebate Plan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One of the state’s top republicans is picking a fight with the Governor over his tax refund plan.

The rebate, part of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s overall budget proposal, would give $55 to Connecticut taxpayers.

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney thinks it’s a ploy to win votes.

“This is just an election year gimmick,” said McKinney, who is running against Malloy for governor in November.

“He’s raised taxes on average $700 on every person in the state of CT. Turning around and giving them $55 in my opinion is an insult,” McKinney said.

Malloy’s Director of Communication, Andrew Doba, rejects the allegation that the refund is a ruse. He said $55 in a Connecticut resident’s pocket is a way to say thanks for some “tough choices” Malloy had to make regarding taxes.

“The Governor feels that if families sacrificed to make the state more financially healthy, then they should share in some of the prosperity,” said Doba.

Hartford resident Paulette Fryer said whether it’s a political ploy or not, she’ll gladly take the rebate.

“Giving a person $55 back because they paid so much in taxes, I think that’s great. Some people might think that $55 won’t make a difference, but if you have children, you have a family, that 55 dollars does come in handy,” said Fryer.

Other taxpayers don’t see the point.

“If  that is per month, that is a good amount. But per year, that is a very less amount,” said Ankan Das, a Connecticut taxpayer.

As the Connecticut House and Senate narrow in on their budget deadline, McKinney is calling on Malloy to take his tax refund out of the budget proposal. Malloy’s reps wouldn’t say if that’s being considered.

“There’s two weeks left in the legislative session and we continue to negotiate with our colleagues in the legislature. We’ll figure out what happens as the days go on,” said Doba.

McKinney also points to a lower than expected amount of money that’s come in from taxes this year as another reason to scrap the rebate.

Doba said they continue to monitor that situation.

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  • Paul

    Is it an election year gimmick?….absolutely. Am I going to gladly take the $110 coming to me and my wife, you're damn right, but this is not buying my vote for Malloy.

  • Paul

    The republicans being against this just because it's an election year gimmick is highly irritating though. Why deny the tax payers(your potential voters) this refund. Are they really that worried that this little refund is going to all of a sudden make me fall in love with Malloy? They need to get over themselves on this one.