New CT Lottery Game ‘The 5 Card Cash’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Anne Noble; President/CEO, CT Lottery Corp.

Sales started May 4 for the CT Lottery’s new $2 draw game called: 5 CARD CASH.

In fiscal year 2013, players won more than $699 million in prize money. At the same time the CT Lottery provided a record $312.1 million to support the valuable services and programs funded by the state’s General Fund including public health, libraries, public safety, education and more. 

Since the Lottery began in 1972, our contributions to the General Fund have exceeded $7.8 billion, and we have awarded more than $13 billion to winners.

General Fund Supported Services % of Proceeds General Fund
General Government 2.3% $7,178,300
Legislative 0.4% $1,248,400
Corrections 7.7% $24,031,700
State Service 14.1% $44,006,100
Judicial 2.9% $9,050,900
Regulation & Protection 1.3% $4,057,300
Conservation & Development 0.7% $2,184,700
Health & Hospitals 5.3% $16,541,300
Human Services 5.9% $18,413,900
Debt Service 8.4% $26,216,400
Grant Payments to Local Governments 1.0% $3,121,000
Public Health 0.5% $1,560,500
Mental Health & Addiction Services 3.8% $11,859,800
Medicaid 23.9% $74,591,900
Libraries & Education Services 4.2% $13,108,200
Higher Education 3.5% $10,923,500
Department of Education 14.1% $44,006,100


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