East Hartford High School Students’ Snow Removal Invention

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A group of 18 East Hartford High School freshmen may have found a good way to clear snow from the tops of 18-wheelers.

They developed what they call  “Snow Belt,” which is basically a solar-powered conveyor belt on top of a truck which moves snow and ice off the back, rolls back up, and then re-stows between the cab and trailer.

Snow Belt is still very much a work in progress, but the Motor Transport Association Of Connecticut likes the direction the concept is going in.

“Most of the trucks will spend the night in a snow storm, out in a remote area, this kind of an idea could have application,” Mike Riley, the association president, said.

The students are already looking forward to next Winter to tighten up their Snow Belt components.  “We’re going to find out what happens when the snow comes, how is it working when we slide everything off, does it really come off, what material do we have to use?,”Akwasi Wiredu wondered.

The students will present their Snow Belt project at the Student Innovation Expo at the State Armory in Hartford May 17.

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  • deb williams

    My husband is a truck driver,about 5 years ago he was driving his trailer truck through Pennsylvania,I can’t remember which direction he was traveling on the highway but I’ll just say he was east bound in the right lane. Across the highway traveling west bound was a trailer truck.It was winter, as the 2trucks were passing by in opposite directions, a huge slab of ice and snow flew off the top of the trailer of the west bound truck and crashed through the drivers side window of my husbands truck and hit my husband in the face as well.My husband lost control of the truck, we also believe he became unconscious because of it,his truck rolled on its side went up a hill on the side of the road and landed in a ditch.Amazingly no other motorist were injured or involved in the accident,my husband had a concussion and many cuts, bruising and swelling but fortunately that was the extent of his injuries.With all that said I think this invention created by the East Hartford students is AWESOME and could save plenty of people their lives.My husbands story ended good considering but someone else may not be as lucky the next time this happens,and it does.And his accident could have been tragic for many others.I truly hope these students can take this all the way to the patent office and production!it could save many lives!By the way I was born in Hartford Hospital and grew up in East Windsor.So I find this especially AWESOME that our bright minded students in East Hartford created this possibly life saving device. I wish you all the very best on your journey!!! Go East Hartford!!! Thank you all Deb Williams, Englewood Colorado.