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Gellatly Arraigned For Murdering Wife, Who Told Cops He Battled Bipolar Disorder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

On the day Lori Gellatly was due to appear in Milford Superior Court, in an effort to extend a restraining order against her husband, it was her husband who made a court appearance, on murder charges.

A state police report says after Scott Gellatly was arrested Wednesday, following a six-hour manhunt, he told investigators he had no knowledge of any weapons and that he cannot remember if he was at the residence of his wife early yesterday morning. He also told authorities he woke up yesterday wanting to commit suicide.

“It is an understatement, Your Honor, to say that he is a risk to the community,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Paul Gaetano. “There is one victim here, who is deceased. Another victim seriously injured. He fled the scene.”

Judge Karen Sequino upheld the $2 million bond and ordered a mental health evaluation, which will be used to determine if she will grant a request of Gellatly’s public defender’s for a suicide watch.

Among those attending the arraignment, family representing  Lori Gellatly and her mother, Merry Jackson, who remains in serious condition at St. Mary’s Hospital. Tony Profeta, who says he’s been friends with Scott Gellatly for about 25 years, never imagined there would come a day he would be looking at his friend in an orange jumpsuit.

“I was just over their house for pizza about a month ago and they were all happy,” said Profeta. “I didn’t see anything that would lead me to believe that they were having struggles.”

Several days after Lori Gellatly took the couple’s twins and moved to her parents’ house, following an alleged April 1 assault, Scott Gellatly used Facebook to accuse his wife of infidelity. Profeta said he spoke with his friend and urged him “to calm down…don’t escalate this.”

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1 Comment

  • ct born & raised

    Why don't we have CT be the first in getting control of all violence & when a restraining order is issued, the party whom it is issued against gets a mental health evaluation BEFORE they do something!! Within 2 days the party should speak with a social worker, volunteer, anyone-even over the phone!! Maybe it would actually HELP people who are having trouble in life (like this man) to connect with an ubiased person who cares before they destroy lives or kill. Now instead the "system" has to spend much more money prosecuting and housing murderers for the rest of their lives because the majority of our genius legislators voted to repeal the death penalty. When will we wake up as a country and know that the time to address mental issues is NOW!- TODAY, not afterward when it is too late!!!