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BMW Jumping Into The Electric Car Industry

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Hartford-area car enthusiasts got a chance to go electric and upscale on Monday.

If the auto industry is ever truly going to embrace green technology, could this be the “jolt” it needs?

BMW has introduced the i3 Plug in car.

Following in the footsteps of vehicles like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, BMW has now more aggressively entered the electric car market.

At New Country BMW, they say 14 of the plug-ins have been sold, the dealership is getting 27 from the company in total.

The lighter weight, carbon fiber, four-seat cars plug in to both charging stations and to home 110 volt outlets.

“They take three hours to charge and then you can drive that car between 80 and 100 miles depending on your driving style,” said Tim Parker, the General Manager at New Country BMW.

Parker noted more charging stations are being installed across the state, including two at his Hartford dealership. “The infrastructure is growing and a lot of businesses in the area are putting electric charging stations in their workplaces,” Parker said.

The new i3 models sell for about $43,000, though most electric vehicle owners are eligible for tax rebates.

Right now there are around 120 electric car or “EV” charging stations installed across the state.

Map Of Charging Stations in Connecticut and nearby states.




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