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Gadgets For The Techie To Enjoy Outdoors

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Scott Tharler; Tech/Gadget Specialist



ECBC Sparrow ($400) Wheeled garment bag features electronics compartment and spare battery

Tego PowerCard 3-Pack ($100) Wallet-sized card has lightning, Micro-USB and 30-Pin adapter for charging, synching; plus emergency battery power

Cobra JumPack ($130) Palm-sized device charges gadgets–or can jumpstart a car!

Hammacher’s Personal Mosquito Repeller ($25) Works within a 7 1/2-foot radius up to 120 hours

Netatmo June ($99) Fashionable UV-sensing bracelet; app recommends personal sun care

Parrot Flower Power ($60) Real-time wireless plant health sensor

Misfit Bloom Necklace ($80) Beautiful stainless steel housing for the elegant Shine activity monitor

Hammacher’s Grill Cleaning Robot ($120) Automatically sweeps grit and grime off your BBQ grate

Hammacher’s Wireless Stereo Speakers ($200) Rechargeable, long-range, made for indoor-outdoor use

Blackfire Clamplight Lantern ($45) and Waterproof ($35) Durable, versatile lights for camping, boating and more

History Hero (Free) Interactive video game of aliens, soldiers and astronauts helps families explore museums and historical sites

KnowRoaming ($35) Apply sticker to a phone/tablet SIM card for heavily discounted roaming rates when calling abroad



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