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Motion Filed to Dismiss Case Against Pelletier Family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Attorneys for Justina Pelletier’s family say the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services filed a motion for “review of reconsideration and dismissal in the case of Justina Pelletier.”

The action follows a motion from the Pelletier family’s attorneys to return Justina home. They say the motion from HHS indicates that they are in agreement to return Justina home.

The 16-year-old West Hartford girl is currently at a facility in Thompson, Conn.

She was taken away from her parents’ custody in February 2013 after a complicated dispute over a medical diagnosis.

Massachusetts DCF has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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  • April Moore

    Confusing – what case did Mass DCF file in the first place? Medical child abuse? And over a year later, no home study, other supporting documentation to lay on prosecutor’s desk?! This whole thing smacks of power play – “because we can”- without really showing the benefit Justina receives from being taken from her family, off her meds and given dangerous psych drugs/therapy. Is this a way to graciously bow out, without actually admitting that the state was incorrect? How many other children and families have to endure a year of forced separation and unproven allegations while the state takes federal funds to “care” for kids that frankly don’t need it?! This is insanity…


    This is an outrage to say the least! It should have never occurred in the first place all because of a zealous "new" intern/doc, etc. Justina was doing fine before she was abused by the "system" and who knows what long term damage has been done medically & emotionally to her. This is just proof that the system failed here…Justina was GREAT in care of parents but the "know it alls" whom knew nothing saw to it that ALL the progress of the competent parents was dashed! Were the entities involved jealous? As the Pelletiers have a Great Attorney, it is my impression that the entities whom stole this child, held her captive, tortured her, caused regression in her medical conditions, etc., should all be sued & held accountable for this atrocity. This is a case that has nothing to do with Munchausen or by proxy or lack of parental choices, as these parents knew what they needed to do, did it in the best interest of their child(ren) & were not liked because of it. You see, the people in the positions they hold are HUMAN before any titles and we do know that some have a potential to be abusive with their titles &/or positions because they would be this way normally. Logic…what is that??? TOO MANY DROPPED THE BALL HERE (BUT NOT THE PARENTS), TOO MANY IGNORED THE CONSEQUENCES (BUT NOT THE PARENTS), TOO MANY ABUSED THEIR AUTHORITY (BUT NOT THE PARENTS), TOO MANY DID NOTHING TO HELP INSTEAD OF HURT THESE PARENTS! This is a sad state of affairs, when parents are TRULY helping their child(ren) only to possibly have irreparable harm done for all their good work….SAD, SAD, SAD! Shame on these entities, SHAME!!!

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