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‘Eddie The Dog Guy’ Fixes Vicious Dogs

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Some people believe that once a dog attacks it’s too late to change.

Not “Eddie the Dog Guy.”  He has made it his mission to fix bad dogs.

Eddie Simon has saved hundreds of dogs from the brink of euthanasia – dogs that were written off as too vicious to be around, let alone be alive.

His methods may be unorthodox, but you can’t knock his results.

Eddie the Dog Guy might be more canine than human, which helps – since he basically talks to dogs.

“I call myself a behavior specialist. It sounds good.  I’m half dog. I scratch the ground after I pee,” says Simon, jokingly.

His goal?  To get biters to stop biting and attackers to stop attacking.

He’s a self-proclaimed “dog whisperer.”

“I have 18 dogs that were all formerly ‘killers’ – dangerous to society,” says Simon.

He partners with Danbury dog rescue Tails of Courage” and also does house calls like Friday night in Naugatuck.

He’s tutoring Laura Barkowski’s doberman pinscher named Soleil, who struggles with separation anxiety.

“It’s simple. This is why I like working with dogs,” Simon tells Barkowski.

His secret is shaping dogs’ behavior. Not just teaching them commands, but talking to them deep down and establishing roles.

“The question isn’t, ‘how do I stop the dog from jumping?’ the question is, ‘How do I make the dog want to listen to me,’ ” says Simon.

After just a couple hours with Soleil, her behavior changed noticeably.

But she wasn’t a vicious dog. Those cases take 30 days or more to correct, in Simon’s canine boot camp.

Brooklyn is a dog that marks one success story out of dozens.

“Brooklyn was a severe human-aggressive case, who was unable to be helped by a number of trainers, and the ultimate decision was to euthanize her because she’s unsafe. Which, there’s no question, she was unsafe … then,” says Simon.

Brooklyn isn’t finished, but she’s on the road to recovery.

By the looks of it, so is Soleil.

It’s the latest instance of Eddie separating himself from the pack when it comes to training and proving he really is “a dog guy.”

“It worked really well when I was up here working on my own with her. She was fine … a lot better than she’s been,” says Barkowski.

Click here to learn more about Eddie’s services on his Facebook page.


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  • Kerry

    This is awful. You should be ashamed of promoting this type of “training”. This is akin is animal abuse being packaged as some sort of training guide. Do some research before posting this crap. And the fact that he “trains” at a rescue is even worse. Did he pay you for this? Jesus…

    • Eddie the dog guy

      no payment at all. We were nominated by those many families we helped saved their canines from euthanasia. Just try to keep an open mind. Jealousy doesn’t make us look smart

  • Michelle Douglas

    So, when FoxCT looks for experts in a field, what exactly is the criteria in defining their expertise? Self-proclaimed? I am a legitimately Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (, and former President of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (, which is the largest professional association for dog trainers in the entire world, and the fact that this person has no education or credentials in dog behavior or training, and no aspirations to obtain such education means that he is NOT an expert and he should not be taking people’s money to train their dogs. At the very least, I would think that a news organization would want to highlight or interview an actual expert with real credentials in CT, there are many of us, rather than assume the liability of representing someone who recommends outdated techniques that have been shown to be dangerous and highly likely to worsen aggression over time.

    • Eddie the dog guy

      No payment at all, because we were lucky enough to help so many people and they’re loved canine family members from being euthanized, we were nominated. I was asked to do the interview by the news station… many requested it simply cause they were so grateful!! Don’t be jealous

      • Eddie the dog guy

        Don’t be jealous cuz they didn’t ask you :-) you probably would recommended euthanasia for 90% of the dogs that I work with. Albert Einstein was just a patent clerk with no credentials. Ponder that.. Just keep an open mind

    • Eddie the dog guy

      If a real trainer had accomplished saving as many dogs from being euthanized as I have…maybe They would have been asked

  • Diane Lampe

    Instead of knocking this guy Eddie down, how about you “experts” watch his videos, listen to the people of the dogs Eddie has helped and saved from being PTS?
    You don’t always have to have formal education or be certified if your exceptionally good at something! And Eddie is VERY good at getting the dogs to trust him which then opens the door in stopping bad behavior.
    Eddie has a big and loyal following…I am one of his fans because I watched his tutorials on youtube and put them to use in changing my dogs behavior.
    In no way are his practices abusive to the animals. I wouldn’t be using them if they were!!!

    • Eddie simon

      Thank you Diane, some people just feel threatened because even with all their schooling they can’t produce the same that someone without schooling can let the Bashers Bash, only makes them look that much more, should I say smart? :-) results is what matters, not how many letters are after your name

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