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Woman From Viral Drone Video Appears In Court

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW HAVEN – The woman caught on camera attacking a drone operator at a Madison beach may get her record cleared.

Andrea Mears, 23, left New Haven Superior Court after agreeing to apply for accelerated rehab, which is essentially a probationary period where she can’t get into any more trouble, and then her charges would likely be dropped.

Mears is charged with breach of peace and third-degree assault for attacking Austin Haughwout, 17, at Hammonasset Beach State Park May 12.

Haughwout video recorded the attack on his cell phone.

Mears accused Haughwout of flying his quadcopter drone over the beach to get aerials of girls in bikinis.

Haughwout thinks Mears is getting off easy for hitting him and ripping up his shirt.

“If it had been a male that had assaulted a female, the punishment would have been much more severe,” Haughwout said.

A judge will decide if Mears qualifies for accelerated rehab.

She’s due back in court July 9.

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  • notaHaughwout


    Just thought I'd say his last name one more time since the article certainly didn't say it enough.

  • Randy

    There's no way the charges should be dropped. This apparently unprovoked, violent assault based on prejudicial attitudes about boys and young men requires a trial, and if she is guilty, it demands jail time. This is not a drunken bar fight that can be waved away. It's a bias attack on a child.

  • ImmaLilpip

    Well shit looks like the law has failed once again
    No don't put women in jail they are sweet angels and wouldn't survive in it
    Oh man yeah put em all in jail. They are nothing but rapist and killers

    Equal rights? right?

  • Anonny Moose

    She better NOT be given a liter sentence. She has a mental problem and needs to be put away from the rest of us. Who is to say she won’t try this again? No 2nd chance for crazy women beating up underage boys for any reason.

  • Feminist_Steve

    Feminists should be livid over this, just as much as anyone else. Letting her off the hook shows that, in the eyes of the law (This judge at least), that women aren't as culpable as men because our judicial system won't work for them. This is extremely patronizing to the women's movement, and men's rights as well. I'm not saying we need to give her a worse punishment than anyone else might get, but she needs to be sentenced appropriately.

    • Oppressed_White_Male

      If you haven't realized, Feminist_Steve, feminism isn't pushing for equality, but supremacy. They have officially acquired above-the-law status, and this manifests in hundreds of events daily. You should rethink your allegiances, Feminist_Steve

  • Chase

    EQUALITY IN ACTION, I wonder how many men are in jail for "assaulting" women when they were the one's actually assaulted and they didn't have the benefit of recording the incident. Cops and society instantly blame the man in any altercation that a woman is involved in. Pathetic that she could just walk away from this without any jail time. Completely pathetic failure of justice.

  • Justice for all

    She forced her filthy fingers INSIDE HIS MOUTH.

    If this were a were 23 year man who assaulted a 17 year old girl, held her down, ripped her clothing off and stuck his fingers inside her mouth, he'd be charged with multiple felonies and facing serious jail time.

  • Igor12

    I think judges should be evaluated every few years. The decisions they have been making recently seem to go against every law in the books.

  • Guest

    What about her false statements to the responding officers? She is apparently not even being charged with that, and that seems to be the worst offense to me.

  • guest

    As a female and a feminist (gasp!)… I have to agree. If the tables were turned, the male would have been locked up in a heart beat with a much severer sentence. She is getting off waaay too easy.

  • Major Smackdown

    Total BS. If it were the other way around (which she made claims it was, and without video evidence) he would have been screwed. Imagine a man beating up a teenage girl ? Where are your equal rights now ?

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