Bear Kills Dog in Bloomfield

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy of CT DEEP (not actual bear in Bloomfield)

On Sunday at approximately 2:30 a.m. the Bloomfield Police Department responded to a call that a bear had attacked a dog.

Residents on the 200 block of Duncaster Road told police that their dog had died after being brought to a vet.

There have been multiple reports of sightings of an adult female bear and three cubs in the Duncaster Road and Adams Road area over the past few days, but no calls were made to the Bloomfield Police Department.

The Bloomfield Police Department has released the following list of safety measures that residents should take, and visit the CT DEEP website for more information:

  • Remove bird feeders and outdoor pet food
  • Keep garbage in a locked garage, shed, or outbuilding, or away from the house if no outbuilding is available
  • Use exterior lighting
  • Keep dogs leashed, especially at night and during periods of low visibility
  • Be noisy when exiting the home to alert bears of your presence

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  • Holly G

    I see a few posts on Facebook advocating shooting of the bears. This is completely unnecessary. The bears are only trying to survive as their habitat is dwindling away with the encroachment of humanity. We need to learn to live in harmony with all creatures. The suggestions about are good except I would not leave any pets outside alone. Cats should be indoors at all times and if you have other small animals such as rabbits or chickens make sure their shelter is bear/coyote and other predator proof. Also, keep dogs inside the house and not tied up helpless and vulnerable outside. When outside with your dog it should be on a leash, especially at night and during periods of low visibility. Or in a fenced in area where they are visible to you from the home.

  • fat momma

    Two hundred years ago there were NO bears in Ct. Now the numbers have risen to unsafe levels. These are not an endangered species and they don't belong on suburban streets. If they've reached a population size that forces them to feed amongst us (and on our pets) then there are too many. We need a bear season in Ct, and the DEEP has to start destroying – NOT relocating – problem bears.

    And sorry, Holly, while you may not want anyone to ever leave a pet outside alone that just isn't realistic for many of us. In addition, there is NO chicken or rabbit shelter that's bear proof.

    • Sandy

      I agree with you! We have called local police, animal control and DEEP many, many times. They don't do much but come and look. The same bears with same tags over and over. I have small grandchildren who play in my yard, I am on guard every minute hoping one does not come out when they are playing there. What happened to feeling safe at home? At the least take these bears someplace far away from populated neighborhoods.

  • Stella

    Unfortunately we need to watch our children when outside wherever you are…I'd be more concerned with people than bears!! I've seem many mamma bears with their cubs and it is a wonderful maternal site to see-wish more parents would take a page from their book!! One of the biggest problems is that people don't follow the simple guidelines…DON'T FEED THE BEARS!! Birdseed this time of the year…come on!!!