‘The Walking Dead’ Event In Hartford, What Is It?

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Johnny Joslin; Creative Director for ‘The Walking Dead Escape’






Your only obstacle isn’t being chased by walkers. You will climb, jump, slide, and crawl through our Chain Link Mega Zone, Herd Highway, Hospital Hell and more! Test your skills and stamina and find your way to the Decontamination Zone in order to survive the Apocalypse.

Evacuation Zone: You thought you were escaping the virus, but your military-guarded safe zone has been compromised. Break through the zombie chaos and begin the run to Survive.

Herd Highway: Herds of zombies have overrun a highway of abandoned cars. Hide and dash your way through the congested dead zone – but be strategic! Herds are attracted by smells, sounds and quick movement!

Hospital Hell: Rick woke from his coma in a zombie-infested hospital. Navigate the undead Doctors and destroyed equipment to escape the crumbling medical facility.

The Prison Gauntlet: Rick’s group hasn’t cleared this prison block yet. Crawl your way through the barricades and chain link fences to escape the infested penitentiary.

Quarantine: Just when you think you’re safe… FEMA teams must run highly confidential scientific tests on you to find out if you’ve been infected!


Survivor:   Navigate the course and avoid the undead. 35-50 minutes of Walking Dead Madness! Access to the after-party. Enjoy the fun… if you survive.

Walker:   Join the undead horde and stalk the course for 1.5 hours as an official “The Walking Dead Escape” Walker. As a Walker, you will receive a pro make up session and Walker training. Access to the after-party where people WILL want to take pictures of and with you. Walkers need to arrive 2 hours before their selected course time.

VIP: VIP package includes option to run course twice – first as a Survivor and then a Walker, VIP gifts, VIP-only lounge, and exclusive behind the scenes access!

Spectator: Full access to all spectator areas throughout the course and the after-party. Bring your camera because you’re going to get some great pics!

Event length approximately 6 hours




The Infection is spreading to Hartford

Be part of this epic event as Survivors run for their lives in the Walker infested XFINITY Theatre, Saturday, June 28, 2014. Register as a Walker or Survivor and test your skills on the Evacuation Route, or experience the Evacuation of the Apocalypse as a Spectator. See Survivors navigate the Zombie overrun Evacuation Zone, Herd Highway, Hospital Hell, Prison Gauntlet, Quarantine, and more. Plus you can meet all the Walkers and Survivors at the FAN FEST at the end of the course.



XFINITY Theatre in Hartford

Saturday June 28th

6pm-12am midnight


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