Tutoring Helping Avoid Brain Drain

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The term “summer school” used to have a stigma attached to it. But, now it is almost a necessity to keep up with the crowd.

Statistics indicate that students can lose nearly one-third of what they learned during the school year over the summer.

“Especially for math,” said Nevine Mounib, a math tutor from Avon. “Like, in high school, it`s not like you`re going to have opportunities to practice your algebra.”

Mounib recently worked with Wyatt Tockzo, who just graduated from Lewis Mills High School in Burlington, to improve his ACT scores in math, more specifically pre-calculus.

The two may do more summertime tune-ups before he heads to UConn in the fall.

“If I had to pin one word on it, it would be simplified,” Tockzo said describing how Mounib helped him. “She brought it down to a level that was much more understandable, on like a one to one basis, than if you`re talking to 28 students about it,” he said.

After just four or five tutoring sessions, the proof was in the pudding, as Toczko’s ACT and SAT scores improved by roughly 25 percent.

If tutoring is not in the budget, Mounib says there are still ways parents can make certain their kids can answer the bell in the fall. For parents of younger children, the local library is a wonderful resource and it is always free.

Mounib suggests including kids in grocery shopping by first having them write out the list.

Dictating the list gives them practice with writing and spelling, and having them join their parents in the store to see if the parents are within their budget and to tally the overall cost.


http://www.wyzant.com/Avoid Summer Brain Drain

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