Cold Case: Tyron Walton

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Case Facts

On the date of September 29th, 2003 Hartford Police responded to a report of shots fired from the area of Main and Mather Streets, Hartford. The time was 0201 hours. Police arrived at that scene and found evidence of gunfire because of spent bullet casings found in and near the intersection. Farther south on Main Street and near the intersection of Albany Avenue police found a vehicle crashed vehicle with no one inside. As police were at both scenes, a call was received from St Francis Hospital staff that stated a shooting victim had been brought in by private vehicle. The name of the victim was Tyron Walton. He was pronounced dead at the hospital and Hartford Police had a murder investigation.

In their investigation police learned that Tyron Walton and friends had been socializing at a local club on North main Street known as the Pyramid Club. A The Pyramid Club was an extremely popular gathering place for local men and women in the Hartford area.

A little before 2 am Tyron and his friends decided to leave the club and head to Union Place and to Papa’s Pizza for a late night snack before going home. Tyron and his friends drove south on Main Street and problems began as they neared the intersection of Main and Mather Streets. A vehicle was following Tyron and his friends and as they neared the intersection of Mather Street someone in the second vehicle took a gun and fired several shots into the car Tyron was driving. The second vehicle was described only as possibly being a white car fled immediately after the shots were fired. Tyron drove three blocks to the area of main and Mather Streets and crashed his vehicle. Tyron was badly injured, and removed by friends. He was transported to St. Francis hospital by private vehicle. Tyron was taken to St. Francis Emergency room where he died as a result of being shot.

Police identified several possible witnesses but received little or no cooperation from them and this stalled the case.

Tyron Walton was known on the streets as a rapper. He hung out with persons who frequented the Blue Hills area. In their investigation police believe that the shooting was a result of disputes between groups of young men living in different neighborhoods in the north end of the city. He dispute may have been the factor that caused the shooting. It was truly a senseless and violent act and would up taking the life of Tyron.

Police need the public’s assistance in identifying everyone in the second vehicle. This vehicle is where the gunshots came from and anyone in that vehicle is responsible for this murder.

Hartford Police Unsolved Murder

The Murder Of Tyron Walton

Date:                                     September 29th, 2003

Time:                                     0201 Hours

Location:                              Shooting Location Was Main And Mather Streets, Hartford In A Drive By

Car Crash Location Was Main And Albany Avenue


Cause Of Death:               Gunshot Wound

Manner Of Death:           Homicide


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