Cold Case: The murder of Charles ‘Man’ Teasley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
  • Date: Found Murdered On 1-12-2009
  • Location: 226 Colebrook Street, Hartford
  • Time: 1130 Hours
  • Cause Of Death: Multiple Gunshot Wounds To The Head
  • Manner Of Death: Homicide

Charles Teasley was a West Hartford resident who became the victim of a kidnapping and murder at the hands of local thugs. The incident that led to his murder began on the night of January 9th, 2009. On that night he left his West Hartford home to drive his grandmother back to her home in East Hartford. Charles was never seen alive by loved ones after that trip. Charles drove his gray Acura for the trip to East Hartford bearing the Connecticut Registration plates of 850-XEW. When Charles did not return home his girlfriend became very worried and at 0251 in the morning of January 10 called the West Hartford Police to report him missing. West Hartford Police began an immediate investigation into this report and began to look for Charles. Notifications to area police departments was made and the search for Charles was on.

January 10 and January 11 passed by with no information received regarding Charles. He was still reported as missing, and considered a missing person. On the date of January 12, 2009 Hartford Police were called to the address of 226 Colebrook Street, Hartford. At that address and on the street a friend of Charles found his gray Acura and made a terrible discovery when he looked into the car. Charles was slumped in the back seat of his own vehicle dead.

Police arrived and found that Charles Teasley had been shot in the head multiple times. His hands had been bound behind his back with plastic zip ties and he would have been unable to defend himself from any attack. His murder was a brutal execution and it was obvious from the crime scene that he had been abducted, secured with plastic zip ties and murdered in his own vehicle. After that he had been dumped/left at the location where he was found by a friend on Colebrook Street.

Hartford Police made the notification to West Hartford Police that their missing persons case had become a homicide discovered in Hartford. The only crime scene was the where the body was found and it was obvious that Charles had been shot in one place and his body left where it was found.

In the investigation of the murder of Charles Teasley Hartford Police received some information regarding persons of interest/suspects responsible for this brutal crime. Not enough was received to proceed with an arrest and the investigation is continuing.

Charles Teasley was a happy go lucky person who was the shining light in his family. He was a college athlete playing football at two different colleges during his collegiate athletic career. He was 35 years old when he was brutally kidnapped and murdered and it is important for police to identify and arrest his killers. His murder has devastated his family. He left a fiancée and two children who will grow up without their father and knowing that he was the victim of a horrific crime.

It is time for this case to be solved and it is time for the Hartford Community to work with Hartford Police to solve this murder. Anyone who would carry out such a crime is a danger to the entire City of Hartford and the removal of the suspects from the street immediately makes Hartford a safer place to be.   An arrest will never make this family whole again but will provide a measure of justice to this devastated family.

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