Tornado In Lyme, CT Monday Morning?

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Joe Furey received a viewer picture of storm damage from Lyme, CT that occurred on Monday morning (July 28th, 2014) as a warm front lifted through with a tropical air mass. Dew points were around 70 with heavy downpours and abundant lightning.

This viewer was convinced that a tornado had come through. They said in the email that several trees had fallen during a thunderstorm, and a tree man in charge of clean up was “sure” it was a brief tornado.

lyme 1lyme 3

So Joe and I checked out the dual-pol radar from that morning, and sure enough, it certainly looks like there was weak rotation in that area. Probably just enough for a brief spin-up tornado at around 5:44 AM.

Lyme Tornado July 28th AM

Clockwise from top left: Reflectivity on radar, base velocity, storm relative velocity, normalized rotation.

There was some rotation right over the spot that all these trees fell. It’s just to the W/NW…

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