Update: Three Hartford Stadium Area Development Proposals Qualify

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Rock Cats 6.10

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra’s office announced Wednesday three proposals for the stadium area north of downtown have qualified and will be considered.  Four proposals had been submitted.

The city will make a recommendation and the City Council will consider them in September.


Developer:  CV Properties LLC


Proposal Description:

Build a new municipal office building, ballpark to house the New Britain Rock Cats, and a garage to support both uses as well as support retail. The proposal is meant to be a “catalytic project” that would help open additional development in the Downtown North area, expanding the tax base and creating a new opportunity for additional housing and retail. CV Properties LLC goal would be to partner with other interested developers and users to advance the housing and retail components of the project.



Developer:  Leyland Alliance /  Centerplan

Proposal Description:

A new ballpark, retail, (including a grocery store) restaurants, a brewery, 210,000 SF of municipal office space, and over 600 residential units. The proposal also anticipates the implementation of street improvements recommended in the downtown master plan to create balanced streets that better accommodate pedestrians, bicycles, on-street parking and landscaping.



Developer: Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

Proposal Description:

Develop approximately one quarter of Parcel E for the new home for The Hooker Brewery. The entrance to the Brewery’s tasting and event room is directly across the street from the entrance to the proposed new ballpark, creating a dynamic and active corner.



The city of Hartford released a statement Monday morning, saying four proposals for the baseball complex north of downtown had been received.

Mayor Pedro Segarra’s office issued a statement that said the four responses were filed in response to the Request for Proposal issued in July for the development of the area that includes the site of the proposed new ballpark.

“We’re excited about the redevelopment of Downtown North and the opportunity to utilize this property to its full potential, while strengthening and expanding the vitality of downtown Hartford,” said Mayor Segarra. “This means more jobs for Hartford, an increase in our taxpayer base, more affordable activities for families and more customers for our local businesses.”

“Once we’ve determined that all the proposals meet the minimum criteria of the RFP, we’ll release additional information on the respondents,” said Thomas Deller, Director of Development Services. “We’ll then conduct an analysis and work with the City Council, with input from the community, to determine what is best for the City and Downtown North.”

The city will present its recommendation in September to the City Council.

The proposal has generated controversy with some residents objecting to the city funding the development through the sale of bonds. Since that time, the city announced plans to seek private sector funding.



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