New Haven Pastor Brings Love To Damaged Community

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
New Haven Pastor on Mission to Save City

Among the police presence, caution tape, grieving siblings and heartbroken parents, Pastor Troy McNulty is a familiar face at New Haven’s most deadly crime scenes, especially as vigils take form.

“The family knows that this is the spot where their loved one left this world, it’s such a tragic and traumatic event to get a phone call that your child has been shot and killed, ” Mcnulty said.

The first time he showed up at a homicide scene was at the request of a friend who’d tragically lost a loved one.

Four and a half years later, he’s visited 75 murder scenes and far more shootings, seeking out every corner of the Elm City, looking to fill those communities with love.

“If (homicide) statistics went down to one, but that one was your son, would you care about statistics?” he said. “At the end of the day everyone of those numbers has a family attached to it, friends attached to it, young children attached to it, victims attached to it.”

As he walks around the neighborhood it’s clear that he’s the popular guy on the block–he offers a handshake and his card. It’s not a paid position; the pastor volunteers his time.

“I met a young boy one day at one of the vigils that is 20-years-old and he already buried 21 of his friends through gun violence. If we’re going to change this foolishness out here, we are all going to have to own our piece. All of us have to stand collectively with a very strong sense of moral outrage, that mothers are burying their children mothers are dealing with their children being maimed and harmed. I try to administer peace and comfort to hurting people, if we accomplish that, and only that, i feel that’s a success.”

Pastor Troy is currently unemployed and interviewing.  He hopes to find a position in New Haven so that he can continue his work in the community.

You can find him on Facebook, and if you’d like to read about the impact he’s had on families so far you can do so here.


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