Share Your Favorite Robin Williams Memories

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Comedian Robin Williams entertained people around the world, but after news of his death emerged Monday, many fans right here in Connecticut were sad to hear of his passing.

Williams -- who first made America laugh and eventually touched "every element of the human spirit" in a remarkable range of performances -- died at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said.

Go here to see a the photo gallery - Robin Williams: A Look Back

Williams apparently took his own life, police said. He was 63.

After he brought so much joy to many people's lives, they shared their shock, sadness, and favorite memories on social media.

Share your favorite memories of Robin Williams: Comment at the bottom of this page, Tweet @FOXCT, or comment on the FOXCT Facebook Page. We will continue to update this page with more of your comments.

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  • Bernadette

    I adored this man…i pray that the family will find comfort in knowing that he made friends around the world. .He never knew about. . I cried because I truly love him and his talent. Rest in everlasting peace. .may the Good Lord accept you. .just as you are for we all have struggles. .with self at one point or another in this journey. …called life.

  • Rich R.

    First times I saw Robin was those amazing walk ons he did on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. What a truly talented person! There are no words..

  • Adam W. Eaton

    You were and always will be a true legend. You made us laugh for many years, and now we cry. So sorry that you had to leave us. I hope you have found the peace that that you couldn’t find here. May you forever rest in the loving arms of our Lord forever. You are truly, truly missed. đŸ˜¥

  • Peter Curley

    I am an alcoholic sober 29 years now. I understand, somewhat, the emotional depths a sober alcoholic can get to and hope that, as it has for me, this tragic loss can remind us that this is a disease of loneliness and when we are in trouble we must reach out and ask for help. Bring the Body….The Mind will Follow. God’s Speed Robin. You are missed. :(

  • Holly Alessi

    My favorite thing about Robin was his improve. I recently watched a video from when he was entertaining our troops. When all of a sudden all the solider’s stopped watching him and turned around for revelry. He didn’t miss a beat. And stood on the stage silent as the process was continued. As soon as it was over he did what Robin did best, he fell right into joking about how he had never had an entire audience turn their backs on him. The fact that he gave his time and talents to entertain our soldiers really impressed me. My heart aches to think of his final hours and what sort of torment he must have felt to choose to end his life. I hope that he is now entertaining on a much bigger stage in Heaven.