Primary Election Results

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

All election results are courtesy of The Hartford Courant.

Governor (Republican)
Tom Foley – winner
John McKinney

Comptroller (Republican)
Sharon McLaughlin – winner
Angel Cadena

2nd State Senate District (Democrat)
Eric Coleman – winner
Shawn Wooden

20th State Senate District (Democrat)
Elizabeth Ritter – winner
William Satti

22nd State Senate District (Democrat)
Marilyn Moore – winner
Anthony Musto

23rd State Senate (Democrat)
Andres Ayala Jr. – winner
Scott Hughes

7th House District (Democrat)
Douglas McCrory – winner
Donna Thompson-Daniel

23rd State House District (Republican)                                                                                       

Devin R. Carney- winner                                                                                                       

Vicki Lanier

 32nd House District (Democrat)
Kathleen Richards – winner
Anthony “Tony” Salvatore

44th House District (Democrat)  

Christine Rosati- winner                                                                                                             

Michael Cartier


47th House District (Republican)                                                                                                   

Doug Dubitsky- winner                                                                                                                  

Noah Enslow

Michael P. Meadows


48th House District (Democrat)
Linda Orange – winner
Jason Paul

64th House District (Republican)                                                                                               

Brian Ohler- winner                                                                                                                       

Mark Laurentano


122nd House District (Republican)                                                                                              

Ben McGorty- winner                                                                                                                 

Michael C. Vickerelli


124th House District (Democrat)
Andre Baker – winner
Ernie Newton

128th House District (Democrat)
Christopher Rosario – winner
Christina Ayala
Dennis Bradley
Teresa Davidson

133rd House District (Democrat)
Cristin McCarthy Vahey – winner
Matt Waggner

137th House District (Democrat)
Chris Perone – winner
David Watts

140th House District (Democrat)
Bruce Morris – winner
Warren Pena

142nd House District (Republican)                                                                                             

Fred Wilms- winner                                                                                                                  

Emily Wilson


Registrar Of Voters – Bristol (Democrat)
Kevin McCauley – winner
Mary Rydingsward

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