Driver Who Killed RHAM Teacher Had Elevated Blood Alcohol Level

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Everett had a blood alcohol level of 0.07 percent when she ran over Dawn Dawn Mallory-Bushor with her car in March in the parking lot of RHAM Middle School.

The official arrest warrant for Elizabeth Everett goes into more detail about the circumstances surrounding her arrest, saying she consented to a blood test after the responding officer smelled alcohol on her breath.

We’ll have more on what the arrest warrant says on the news at 10 and 11.

HEBRON-- The results of a traffic study at RHAM Middle and High School were released at the Regional School District No. 8 meeting on Monday night.

Consultants shared their recommendations with board members, teachers and parents.  The traffic study was prompted after a car accident in the RHAM Middle School parking lot that killed Dawn Mallory, 65, a seventh and eighth grade math at RHAM Middle School.

Mallory was struck by a car while walking to school on the morning of March 14, and died two weeks later from her injuries. Elizabeth Everett, 50, who had just dropped off students at the high school was later charged.

Consultants from BETA, Inc, an engineering construction firm hired by the school district, recommended separating the bus area from the parents' pick-up area.

Other recommendations include adding adding additional parking, increasing signage and installing 14  raised crosswalks.

Intersection improvements around CT-316, Wall Street and Main Street were also recommended to eliminate congestion from approaching roads to the school.

"What this has done has basically focused on trying to to reduce speeds on the properties , on the driveways and parking areas, and to essentially and hopefully as organizing things better," said James Ford, a senior associate with BETA, Inc.

Ford and his engineering team also recommended a two-way pattern of traffic that separates the buses from other vehicles.  A series of angled parking spaces, designated for short-term parking in front of the middle school, was also proposed.

Many board members questioned whether creating the two-way traffic pattern and angled adding parking spaces would create more confusion.

"I just see total chaos there," said board member Rich Jacobson.

George Deliman, a RHAM Middle School teacher said he has heard of more than 100 close calls between cars and pedestrians at RHAM schools in the last 10 years, and questions the effectiveness of the traffic recommendation.

"I have to come to work every day and I  have to park to get to work. I shouldn't have to take my life in my hand to get from my car to the school," said Deliman.

The consultants will take the comments from Monday's meeting into consideration and will present its final plan to the board of education during its August 20 meeting.

“I think it's a solid start it's a work in progress based on the answers we got from the board it's obvious more work need to be done,” Said Danny Holtsclaw,  Region No. 8 school district board chairperson.


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