Hartford Police Stun Teen With Taser

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A mother is calling for justice after police shot her son with a Taser in what she calls an “excessive use of force.”

FOX CT obtained surveillance video and cell phone footage of the confrontation. In the surveillance video, a Hartford Police officer is seen walking toward 18-year-old Luis Anglero Jr., who is on the far left side of the screen by a fence.

Anglero walks toward the officer and then appears to stop suddenly and put his arms to his sides. Then the officer takes a few more steps forward before firing his Taser at Anglero, who immediately falls to the ground.

The incident unfolded just after 1 p.m. in Hartford’s North End, near the corner of Garden Street and Albany Avenue.

Anglero’s mother and sisters watched in horror as he hit his head on the sidewalk and then writhed on the ground.

"[The officer] told my brother, if you move up more I'm going to tase you, so my brother he went like this, he went like this, he was standing like this and then the guy just shot him for no reason with the tase,” said Nautigo Negron, Anglero’s sister.

Anglero’s mother says he was initially trying to help his sister, who was involved in a completely unrelated fight near the corner mini market. He was running to help his sister, and admitted he was looking for the man who allegedly hit her.

Before Anglero could get anywhere near the scene of the fight, which had already been stopped, the officer told him to stop and then struck him with the Taser.

A friend recorded cell phone video of the aftermath.

"This man could have just stopped and went like that and my son would have stopped. You took that out for no reason, you just wanted to shoot him for no reason,” said MaryAnn Yearwood, Anglero’s mother.

Anglero's mother also said her son is still being treated in the hospital.

"The hospital wants to keep him over night because his seizing won't stop. My son is barely 140 pounds. For him to hit my son with all that and keep his hand on it intentionally, I think he was trying to kill my son,” said Yearwood.

Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Department says Anglero is under arrest, but didn’t say what charges he is facing. FOX CT offered to show both the surveillance and cell phone videos to Foley, but he chose not to watch, saying that the didn’t want to risk being accused of trying to influence the final police report.
"The supervisor told him not to go any further, he could clearly see that he was an agitator, I guess he took his shirt off at that point and disregarded the orders of the supervisor and continued toward the scene where there was quite a disturbance,” said Foley.
He added that the officer only used one pre-programmed five-second burst from the Taser on Anglero and that the incident will undergo a thorough review process.
"If they have a claim of excessive force we'd be happy to listen to them. We have a system of checks and balances in place right now and if they feel that way, we encourage them to come forward,” said Foley.
Anglero’s mother, MaryAnn, said she won’t rest until the officer who shot at her son is fired or disciplined by the department.
The family says they were unable to get the full name or badge number of the officer who fired the Taser, and police did not disclose his name Tuesday night.
Police did say FOX CT can (as always) obtain the police report and a specific report about the details of the taser firing once those documents are available.

Warning: the videos below are graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.

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  • Asia

    I was hardly able to watch these videos , as you can see the young boy walked forward with his has to his side , not making any movements he didn’t deserve to get stun with taser by the officer . He needs justice

  • Cynthia

    come on you can see that the boy had stopped and wasn’t causing no resisting or putting anyone one in danger. so that police officers had no need to tazer him. like I said it seems that police officers have different rules then the ppl

  • AR-PRO

    I would wait until the police report is generated to see what the cop says. There is no sound, perhaps the cop was telling him to put his hands on his head and he was telling the cop to go to hell, we don’t know.

  • Tamieka

    I know this person. His a good boy. That’s my daughter brother. He was probably mad about what happen to his sister before the police came. The video didn’t look like he was a threat. That was excessive force. That could of killed him.

  • Tamieka

    I think the cop shouldn’t be fired but trained better in certain situation. Thank god he didn’t shoot him and he still here with us today. Thank you god..

  • Karen

    He had no reason to fire that taser. The boy clearly didn’t have a weapon and had stopped. Alot of these cops are a bunch of punks & bullies!! This cop needs to be fired (which won’t happen unfortunately) !

  • Katina Cooper

    Gee, it would be a real shame if a few people found that cop out of uniform and he threatened them and they had to stand their ground.

  • Jeff Sutton

    Video shows what happened. Officer clearly was the instigator, moving forward and using taser as the teen had his arms at his side and had stopped. The abuse ,of either poorly trained or over zealous police, has become a major issue all across America. All police are harmed by this type of action as the public then mistrust those who really do serve and protect. It’s time that all police are equipped with shoulder or chest cameras with audio. This will protect the public and the police so that the public once again has faith in those who truly serve and protect. It is the responsibility of those in power to weed out the employees who respond it the manner that was captured on video.

  • Precious

    After Travon, Mike Brown , Jeffery Grant , & the rest of the black men , that have been shot 4 no reason , you would think that 1 would know better …. How many more boy/ men , are going 2 have 2 die b4 , these Cop / Police Officers .. Do time ,

  • joseph

    give me a break….its just a taser….stop crying about it
    really the mother said she though he really wanted to kill her son….hello over dramatic…….

  • Bill

    If I was black I would move out of Hartford CT. I know the cop was black. He must be a very tan Klansman or something. The kid stopped and the cop stopped than moved closer for a clear shot. The police Dept. said there was no wrong doing. Right!

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