Waterford Babe Ruth Baseball Teams Making Town History

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two Babe Ruth League baseball teams in Waterford are making town history.

The 13-year-old and 15-year-old teams are both playing in the Babe Ruth World Series.

It’s similar to the Little League World Series, only the players are older.

The coaches say these Waterford teams mark the third time in Babe Ruth League history that two teams from the same town have made it to the world series.

What makes the experience more special is when it’s shared with a sibling.

On a crisp summer morning, a sweet melody arises with the sun. The instruments are balls and bats.

With every swing and every pitch there’s a desire to come away with something no Waterford team has ever ran away with, not one, but two Babe Ruth World Series titles. “It’s stunning,” said 13-year-old Trevor Yeoman, “It’s crazy, how two teams from the same town are going to the world series.”

Seated on Trevor’s right is his older brother, Tyler.

He’s a fast pitcher but 15-year-old Tyler Yeoman takes his time answering our question about who’s the better ball player.

“I would say I hit better,” said Tyler. “Like more power, but he’s better at short stop, so it goes both ways.”

The brothers are each playing for their own Babe Ruth title. Trevor is on the 13-year-old team, Tyler on the 15-year-old team.

Brothers on two teams from the same town getting this far is rare, add two other sets of brother to the lineup and you have something special.

“The fact that it’s brothers makes it even more cool,” said Michael Rocchetti, a player on the 15-year-old team. His brother, Drew plays on the 13-year-old team. Then there’s Noah Speller, the younger brother, and Chase Speller, the older.

“It’s really exciting to have both of us going to the world series in the same year and everything,” said Chase.

“It’s rare as it is to make it in general but for three brothers to be on each team that's pretty special,” said Daniel Santos, 13-year-old Team Manager.

Parents of the Rochetti’s, the Speller’s and the Yeoman’s will be doing lots of traveling.

“We decided that it would be best for the dads to represent the 15s,” said Amy Yeomans, mother of Trevor and Tyler.

So that means the dads will travel with their sons to Washington State.

The moms will represent the 13-year-olds in Virginia.

Baseball, as it’s said, is only a game but for these boys it’s their life.

They wouldn’t have the early mornings, the late evenings any other way than to share it with their teammates and their brothers all while making Waterford History.

The highest finish for a Waterford team playing in the Babe Ruth League was fourth, that was back in 1980.

The 13-year-old team is 0-2 in the tournament but they still have a chance at placing.

The 15-year-olds left Tuesday morning on a plane to Washington State where they will start playing later in the week.


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