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Woman Arrested For Leaving Child In The Car While Drinking

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bristol —  Bristol Police arrest a mother after she left her 2-year-old daughter in the car while drinking at a bar Friday night.

Police responded to City Sports Grille around midnight for an intoxicated woman sleeping at the bar. 22 year-old Kelsey James of Bristol was taken to the hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Police received a call from Bristol Hospital around 5 a.m. telling them that James was inquiring about her baby.  Officers located James’ vehicle to find a 2-year-old sleeping in the back seat.

The child was taken to Bristol Hospital for evaluation and is being held there for representatives of D.C.F.

James was taken into custody and charged with risk of injury to a minor and leaving an unsupervised child in a motor vehicle.

She was released on bond and is scheduled to appear in Bristol Superior Court on September 2nd.

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  • revman

    WOW!!! What a good mother she is. They(DCF) should take the baby from her immediately or that kid will die I don’t even have to say WHERE’S THE FATHER.

  • chrissy

    Never would I condone this behavior, but this would needs help, support, and love, not the horrific responses from the country she will most likely receive. Cases like this show the grip of alcohol on an individuals life. All addiction pushes people to behavior in ways that would not support there true character. Following the untimely dealth of Robin Williams, a national campaign is needed to raise awareness around mental disorders and the intertwined relationship with drugs and addiction ( and yes alcohol is a drug, we often forget)

  • unjadedone

    I know the father and paternal grandmother of this child personally. They had no clue of the child’s whereabouts as the mother and her parents wouldn’t allow the child’s father any access to his child. This was a horrible way to find out what was going on in the baby’s life . Believe me the father has attempted to be a part of his daughters life. But due to anger and a choice of choose his daughter over his then year old son (which he refused to put one child above the other)..Ms James cut off all contact not allowing father or paternal grandmother any contact…

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