CL&P Requests Rate Hike

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
CL&P Criticized For Storm Response

Connecticut Light & Power is requesting an increase of nearly 60 percent in the fixed monthly service fee on monthly electric bills.

In a letter to the Commissioners of the state`s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), Governor Malloy said the request is at odds with Connecticut`s strategy of encouraging energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources and unfairly penalizes those who use the least energy, small businesses and people on fixed incomes.

As part of its request, CL&P has proposed increasing the fixed monthly service fee charged to all residential customers by nearly 60 percent – taking it from $16 to $25.50 per month. This would increase the fixed portion of the monthly bill for the average residential customer from 12 to 20 percent. A similar increase on small business customers would increase the fixed monthly charge by 45 percent.

In discussing his letter to PURA, Governor Malloy said, “If granted, the proposed increase cuts to the heart of our State`s nationally recognized Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES) by limiting the ability of residents and businesses across our state to reduce their electric bill through energy efficiency or the use of solar, fuel cells and other renewable energy sources. Such a step is completely contrary to Connecticut`s energy policy, unfairly penalizes those who use the least electricity, and unduly burdens small businesses and people on low or fixed incomes.”


Another request from CL&P would grant it permission to increase its rate of return on investments in the electric distribution system. The current authorized rate of return on investments by CL&P is 9.4 cents per dollar – and it is seeking to increase that to 10.2 cents per dollar.

PURA opens public hearings Wednesday, Aug. 27 on a request by CL&P to increase rates for the distribution of electricity in its service area by $117 million. CL&P is also seeking to finalize cost recovery for $90 million spent to repair damage caused by a series of major storms, and $25 million it plans to spend to improve the resiliency of the electric grid by putting wires underground in critical areas, enhanced tree trimming, and the installation of newer and stronger wires.

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  • Patricia martin

    No way I think it be real dumb I have trouble paying what bills I got I don’t need this headache leave it along I am not rich please don’t do it leave it the way it is very upset on this matter

  • Armando Vargas

    CL&P. wants it’s cake and to get fat off it too. They send out publishing to conserve and go green , heck they even go around to peoples houses and show us how to be more conservative . Then behind close doors they say they need the rate case because the weather hasn’t been hot like expected and now they didn’t meet projections due to this . Mind blowing . Well what is it ? Conserve but pay more anyway !!! Kudos to our State Reps for looking after the people and not the Corp. pockets . And as far as I see it putting money back into their system is cost of doing buissness . And why is the system aged , maybe cause they haven’t taken proper care of it or put the money back into what even makes them the money . As a rate payer I am disgusted and feed up as all CT resident and buissness owners should be .

  • revman

    CL&P CEO PAY— It is in the MILLIONS

    In 2008, after some characteristically hard-nosed rhetoric, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced he had prevailed upon the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control to force utilities in the state to reveal the compensation paid to their top executives. Why didn’t he change it??? Another Liberal LIE!!!

    Turns out, there was a loophole in the state’s order big enough to drive a utility president’s salary through.

  • eileen burns

    If CL&P had done the job on the trees, and maintained the wires the state would not have lost power for a week. It is your own fault CL&P for making stunningly bad decisions. Why should we have to pay for your freaking incompetence?