Dr. Cash’s Identity Revealed

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He has more than 2,100 followers this morning, and over the holiday weekend he gave several opportunities for you to get free cash.

But, the question remains, why did he do it?

Well, this morning we know who Dr. Cash really is.

As it turns out the adventure that excited many was a promotion.

The men behind Dr. Cash are Chaz and AJ, the radio guys.

They’re promoting their new morning show which started Tuesday on 102.9 DRC. The pair had been on WPLR in New Haven which is owned by the company that recently bought WDRC.

“We wanted to create positive and energetic way to introduce ourselves to the Hartford market,” said AJ on the Fox CT Morning Extra Tuesday morning.

Watch the whole interview here.


Not on Twitter?  You might want to rethink that.

@drcashct is generating a ton of followers as he tweets clues to where he'll be giving away cash in and around Hartford.

Friday, he gave away money four times, in four different spots.

The giveaway starts at $50, and increased based on how many retweets he gets.

@drcashct tweeted that the cash drops will happen throughout the Labor Day weekend.

"The end of summer, it's the perfect time to give out a bunch of cash to like wonderful people of Hartford," @drcashct told FOX CT over the phone (he refused a TV interview).  "We thought this might help bring tourism to Hartford this weekend, you never know."

@drcashct said all will be revealed at the end of the weekend, including his true identity.

The reveal will happen on Twitter, of course.

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1 Comment

  • Scott Greczkowski

    Do the new owners of WDRC understand that we can pick up WPLR fine here in the Hartford area. There is no reason at all to have all the same shows and DJ’s on two stations in Connecticut.

    Bring back the old WDRC, I want my BIG D back!