Hartford Teen Goes Missing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: A vigil will be held Monday for a Hartford girl who has been missing for two weeks.

Jillian Burgos, 14, was last seen on Aug. 25 at her home on Natalie Street.

“Hartford Area Rallies Together” is hosting a candlelight vigil in support of her parents Monday at 6 p.m. at Dillon Stadium on Huyshope Avenue in Hartford.

The FBI has joined the investigation alongside Hartford Police.  Deputy Chief Foley says this is not an abduction case and that all indications are that Jillian Burgos left on her own.

A silver alert has been issued for Jillian Burgos, 14, who has been missing since Aug. 25.

FOX CT spoke with Jillian's mother, Jeanette Oquendo, about her daughter.

Oquendo immediately mentioned that she believes Jillian met someone online that offered her a better life, and that Jillian may have gone off with him or her.

Jillian is described by her mother as a loveable and honest person, but one that is naive.

Oquendo said, "She might be taken advantage of because she's not street smart."

Around the time of her disappearance, Jillian had been asking the names of the side streets surrounding her home, and for directions on how to get to her house, where they had lived for years.

Jillian did take a prepaid cell phone with her, but her history only shows calls and texts with her family members. Police are trying to find her using the phone's GPS, but Oquendo said as of 4 p.m. Friday they were on hour 27 of a 48-hour window to use the GPS.

"We tried ping that to see if we can verify where she might be. Because it's a prepaid phone it's not always on, so that wasn't as successful as we hoped, " said Hartford Police Sgt. Sonia Watson.

Jillian has no known medical conditions. After her disappearance a letter was found in her room that was addressed to her family. The letter said she's not happy, that she feels bad about being heavy and feels like she is a problem. She also said she thinks her family is ignoring the issue of her weight and not helping her.

Jillian's mother said she was shocked by the letter.

Deputy Chief Brian Foley reports that Burgos is a Hispanic female with brown eyes and black hair. She is five-foot-seven, 285 pounds and has a beauty mark on her neck.

Jillian is an active participant in her school and activities. None of her friends have heard from her. She isn't dating anyone, according to her mother.

Officers have searched Jillian's electronic devices, which include a computer, an iPad Mini, a Kindle and a Nintendo. Her mother provided them with account usernames and passwords for GMail, but officers found one account Oquendo was unaware of. However, none of the accounts or devices provided insight into where she might have gone or who she might have left with.

Burgos was last seen in her backyard wearing a purple short, gray shorts, white sneakers and a blue book bag with butterflies on it. She has never run away before.

Foley said in an email that "all indications are that it is not an abduction."

Jillian's parents say they just want their daughter to return home safely, and just ask that Jillian call them, a family member, or a friend so they know she's okay.

"We're just sad, but  not angry, you're not in any trouble whatever problems you're having. We'll  help you solve them, just come home," said Gilbert Burgos.

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