Court Case Continued for Teen Tasered by Hartford Officer

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The Hartford teen charged by police after an officer tasered him appeared in court Wednesday.

Luis Anglero Jr., 18, was tasered and arrested August 19.

Wednesday he showed up at Hartford Community Court wearing a pink dress shirt and standing alongside his mother. It marked the first time Anglero's been seen on camera since cell phones and surveillance cameras captured him being tasered just over two weeks ago.

After discussion with Anglero's defense attorney, Jamaal T. Johnson, the case was continued to October 15.

Anglero didn't say a word as he left court Wednesday morning. He walked along Washington Street, flanked by family and religious community leaders. His mother, Maryann Yearwood, didn't speak to the media either.

Anglero remains charged with breach of peace and interfering with police.

Protesters lined the street before the court appearance calling for the charges to be dropped.

"Well I feel it's very clear that Luis is not guilty of anything. His charges should be dropped immediately, all charges. And that's what we're hoping will happen today, is that they will just acquit him of everything and not--I mean, ideally, we don't think he should even have to show up today," said activist Daniel Piper.

Some see Anglero as a victim in the case after watching surveillance footage showing Detective Shawn Ware tasering a seemingly cooperative Anglero.

But police say the teen was acting unruly and aggressive in the aftermath of a street-corner skirmish. They've deemed Ware's use of the Taser, justified.

"I'm confident that once the laws of this state are applied to the facts of this case, we believe the law's on our side and my client will be completely exonerated of all the charges before him," said Johnson.

Greater Hartford NAACP president, Muhammad Ansari, said the case is troubling and may cause Anglero to miss classes.

"They're investigating, getting the police report and everything. The lawyer's filing some motions so we just have to be back here on the 15th."

Religious leaders assisting Anglero and his family say the chief of Hartford Police has agreed to hold a symposium on the use of force, something those leaders had requested.

A police arrest log released to FOX CT on Wednesday lists Anglero at 5-foot-6 and 135 pounds. His family has argued that his slight frame is another reason why alternative means could have been used by the officer.

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  • trayvon martin

    Rally the troops ! no justice no peace !!!! call Sharpton , and Jessie…oh wait it was a black cop that taserd him ?…um….nevermind. lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Panzer Main Tank

    The mandatory body camera is the only way to go.
    Lets all petition our justice department and our lazy Politicians to force every police department employee in our nation to wear a mandatory body camera, at all times, like it or not.

    If they refuse to comply, then we must discriminately terminate that individual, lets not forget that there are plenty of good unemployed, honest, educated, oh and clean mined American’s willing to fill in that position with more pride and who in the long run will do a much better job.

    If you have nothing to hide. then you won’t have a problem with wearing a body camera.
    This is a win win situation for us all. Body cameras aren’t cheap , so what we can afford them.
    With a mandatory body camera a true officers of the law in no way will ever be falsely accused of not doing his detailed assignment that is to protect our community’s and honestly serve the American public.
    With the mandatory body camera we will always have proof that the officer is indeed enforcing the law, not their stupid personal ideology that only serves to, in the eyes of the world abroad tarnish both “America” and our “True law enforcement personnel”.
    Along with this referendum rouge police will no longer be able to justify their senseless killings, beatings or outright dishonesty.

    Imagine all the facts we can get by forcing police to wear a mandatory “Body Camera”.
    America!,,, lets not ever forget, “That a picture paints a thousand words”.

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