Winsted Special Election May Determine Embattled Town Manager’s Fate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

There is a special election in Winsted today to fill a number of vacancies in the local government.

The election is to pick two new members for the Board of Selectmen that were vacated by Mayor Lisa Smith and Selectman Robert Vogt. The board selected two new members after the resignations, but voters were able to secure enough signatures to hold a special election.

The real interest in this election derives from a town scandal. Town Manager Dale Martin was suspended by the board on Aug. 15 for 30 days. He is accused of knowingly trying to sell a building in the town to a video gaming chair company that is owned by a convicted scam artist.

Martin needs five votes to stay in his position. At the moment the board leans Republican, with five Republicans and two Democrats serving.

The two interim members who filled Smith’s and Vogt’s seats are Republicans, so depending on the outcome of the election the partisan affiliation of the board may shift.

The election will be held at Pearson Middle School from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 13.

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  • VC

    From what I understand through published reports, the Video chair company was NOT owned by a convict. The middleman that introduced the owners of the video gaming chair co. to the Town of Winchester was the person you are thinking about. Apparently he was convicted of one crime whereas he was sentenced to serve two years, but the judge in the case reduced his sentence to community service because he was not as culpable as the other two named in the indictment. I am pretty sure the husband and wife team that do own the video gaming chair patent and are looking for a place to manufacture the chairs wouldn’t be too happy being called CONVICTS, you should get your facts straight before reporting.

  • Beau Black

    The board needs five (five) members to FIRE Martin. If the Republicans lose only ONE seat Dale Martin stays. The other misrepresentation here is – none of the Principals was a “convict” – in fact the company was (is) in good standing with the Board of Corporations. The person INTRODUCING the parties had a questionable past from over 30 years ago – but has since that time introduced, and had some very successful “introductions” right here in NW Connecticut.
    Please – if you’re going to report stuff – get your “stuff” right. BTW… the election was held – The “appointed” Mayor was ousted (Marsha Sterling) and in fact Dale Martin is again Winsted’s Town Manager. We are VERY pleased!

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