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Cold Case: Jermaine Huguley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hartford Police Unsolved Murder
The Murder Of Jermaine Huguley 6-20-1984
Date:   October 7Th, 2009
Time:   0638 Hours
Location:  180 Nelson Street, Hartford
Cause Of Death: Multiple Gunshot Wounds
1.     Left Shoulder That Broke His Left Clavicle
2.     Four Gunshot Wounds To The Head At Close Range
Manner Of Death: Homicide

cold case_info

By: Christopher J. Lyons

On the date of October 7th, 2009 Jermaine Huguley had just ended work on the midnight shift in a warehouse in Windsor, Connecticut. It was a little after 6 am and he was dropped off near his Garden Street home and was walking on Nelson Street, Hartford.

At 0638 hours of that date, Hartford Police received numerous 911 calls of shots fired and a man down on the ground at the address of 180 Nelson Street,  Hartford .   Several police units arrived on scene minutes later followed by EMS. The victim who was later identified as Jermaine Huguley was taken to St. Francis Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 0705 hours of October 7th, 2009.

In the initial investigation into this murder, Hartford Police were able to interview several persons who had information about the crime.   Several neighborhood residents reported hearing five gunshots. Others observed the victim being shot and a red Dodge Durango speeding away from the scene. The date of October 7th, 2009 was marked by heavy rain and that ruined a lot of the potential evidence that police needed to solve this crime.

Suspect vehicle—Red Dodge Durango. Sped from the scene immediately after the shooting of the victim. Reported stolen from 58 Kent Street, Hartford to HPD after the shooting. Recovered on the same day as the shooting at 186 Magnolia Street, Hartford.

One witness stated to police that he/she heard one gunshot. This witness saw a black male tap the pants pockets of the victim and then and then heard him say to his attacker “So you are going to do me like this” followed by several other gunshots.

The investigation into the murder had some good information initially but information stopped coming into police and it stalled out. There were all sorts of street rumors and belief that the gunmen mistook the victim for a local drug dealer.

Jermaine Huguley was not a person who was on police radar. He was a hard working young man who was attacked most likely by someone he knew and gunned down on a public street as people neighborhood residents were preparing to begin work or get their kids to school. His murder is almost five years old and it is time to get his family some justice.

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