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Increased Security Around Trains and Planes After Unease In Middle East

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Gov. Dan Malloy says the beefed up police presence at Connecticut's train stations and Bradley International Airport is not a result of a specific threat, but, rather continued unrest in the Middle East.

From canines to cops, the large law enforcement presence was not comforting to all who walked into New Haven's Union Station today

"I remember coming in here and seeing the police dogs and everything and I just got little more tense than normal," said Martina Hukel, a University of New Haven student. "I'm from a small town. So, I'm not used to all that."

A North Branford man, traveling to Baltimore this afternoon, said he is a Vietnam veteran. So terror threats don't have the same impact on him as others.

"I'm somewhat, a little bit concerned" said Henry Dziekan. "Mostly I feel that I'm still going to travel around. I'm not going to let things like that bother me."

Hannah Geiger, another University of New Haven student who hails from Boston, said, "If there is a threat, then I am going to be really nervous. So, I'm definitely going to be on edge now."

"What I tell most people is that no matter how anxious you're going to feel, it's going to go away," said Dr. David Aversa, of the Connecticut Psychiatric & Wellness Center in Woodbridge.

The anxiety may come quickly, or take the better portion of the day to dissipate, but Dr. Aversa says you can learn to cope with it.

"We use a lot of different techniques, like relaxation or guided imagery. A lot of cognitive processing. You know, why are you anxious? Why does that make you anxious?"

And, learning deep breathing techniques is another method.

"When you are good at those, that's the fastest way to get rid of it," said Aversa. "Faster than any medication. Faster than anything."

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