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State Trooper Sentenced To Prison For Stealing From Dying Victim

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former state trooper who is accused of stealing money and jewelry from a dying crash victim was sentenced to prison Friday.

Aaron Huntsman was caught on his patrol car’s dash-cam stealing $3,700 and a gold necklace from John Scaleessee in September 2012 after Scaleessee crashed his motorcycle on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield. The money was later found in Huntsman’s patrol car.

Huntsman, who was a 19-year veteran police officer, was sentenced to five years in prison, but the term will be suspended after one year. He will also have three years of probation.

In 2012 he rejected a  plea deal that would have put him in jail for one year.

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  • Eric Breuer

    One retired Ct. State Trooper talking about another Ct. State Trooper…. They were easy on him. I wish I had seen him doing it. That’s when the fight would have started. Picture that on the side of the highway. A fatal motorcycle crash and 2 Troopers in fisticuffs, with each other !!!! A – hole !!!! I think he was pinched after the law change. He did it in the PERFORMANCE of his OFFICIAL duty in 2012. Therefore, he would not be allowed to keep his pension. John did this last thing in an UNOFFICIAL act. That is why he can keep his pension. The law was changed some time around when Rowland was in jail around 2006 + or -. So, I think this THIEF threw away 19 years, his pension, his medical, his reputation all for $3,700 and a gold neckless. Take it from me … After my retirement, I’ve had 2 hip replacements and 2 P.E.’s …. All my treatments, tests, surgeries and it all cost was just my copays. This guy “F”ed up BIG TIME for nothing but chump change. I am sorry this piece of crap slipped through the ….. pardon the pun …. crack for so long. He has embarrassed all of the Ct. State Police. Let me also say to the Connecticut Public …. this is not the norm it is the very few. I am sorry to hear of this story and express my sympathy to the family of the crash victim. Those who know me know i would have taken this … I can’t even his title into custody over this if I were at scene. I AM OUTRAGED !!

    • Mike Mayhem

      Hi Eric,
      I am with you 100%. I am also a first responder, however I am in the fire and EMS sector. There is absolutely no excuse for that type of behavior. If I had seen him I would have been taken away in cuffs. I have zero tolerance for that garbage. Any time I have come up on a wreck or whatever I have secured the victims property and turned it over to the arriving Sgt. I too would like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

      • Eric Breuer

        …Sung like the theme song for the Road Runner cartoon……

        That Retired Trooper Pat C…. is really a crazy clown,
        When will he learn he can never mow me down?
        Poor little Monkey Kung Fu, never bothers anyone,
        Just runnin’ down the road’s my idea of having fun.

  • Leslie JHames

    Stole from a dying crash victim? Throw him in general population and those guys will make him wish his mother never met his father.

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