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Unit At Fort Carson Colorado Under Lockdown After Property Goes Missing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Part of Fort Carson in Colorado was put on lockdown Thursday, after “the unauthorized removal of government property,” an Army infantry spokesman said.

He wouldn’t say what was missing on the military base near Colorado Springs.

The lockdown applies to the first Battalion 66th Armor Regiment. This type of lockdown is not common, the spokesman said.

CNN affiliate KKTV reported that property was missing from that unit and that base authorities searched outgoing vehicles to make sure property was not being removed from the base.

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  • luke

    The missing government property is a 9mm pistol. We know who stole/lost it, where it was stolen from, and where it was possibly lost. Hundreds of soldiers searched for the entire day yesterday and it was not found. They are now keeping us here over our last long weekend before going to NTC. Hundreds of soldiers with almost no discretionary income are missing plane tickets, families are being kept from the loved ones, and over 1,000 people are having their lives negatively effected by two people’s actions- the soldier that lost/stole the 9mm pistol and the general who is locking down his soldiers for one person’s actions. I look around and no officer higher ranking than a CPT is present. Mass punishment like this is why good soldiers leave the Army while the bad ones stick around, you can only babysit unsatisfactory performers and be held responsible for their mistakes for so long until you are completely fed up.

    -Soldier in the lockdown

  • DJ

    I know this really sucks for the Soldiers involved, but missing weapons or ammunition from a military base is a serious matter. In the end, your chain of command is responsible for explaining in the investigation what was done to locate the item. If as is implied, the item may have been stolen, the whole purpose is to hopefully pressure the individual who has it to turn it in or leave it someplace to be found. In the past I have seen these things end with the equipment mysteriously turning up in a place that had been searched numerous times. I have seen in the past where a troubled Soldier will grab someones weapon and hide it to embarass the chain of command. If you cut Soldiers loose, there will be no pressure to find it. This is a rare occurance, but during my 18 years of service, I have not been in a unit that had a weapon go missing. That is because we all knew the deal. I almost guarantee it turns up quickly. It’s just a shame after all the time you spent in the field over the last several months, it happened now, the worst possible time. I know MG Lacamera and I know he does not take the effect this is having on his Soldiers lightly. I hope to this is resolved quickly and you can enjoy the long weekend before NTC.

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