Hannah Graham searcher says ‘God wanted’ them to find the human remains

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VIRGINIA- ‘God wanted’ them to find what they found.

The Chesterfield Sheriff’s Department sergeant who discovered human remains while searching for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham talked to our sister station WTVR.

Sgt. Dale Terry told them his team had been searching when something came over him to check nearby properties. “I don’t know how else to explain it. Something inside me just told me to continue to look.”

Human remains were found behind a vacant home in a dried-up creek bed.

Terry said the vertebrae bone appeared long and consistent with a tall person’s body. He said the body was not buried and its location was not far from the road.

He said his search team felt compelled to volunteer to find Hannah Graham in an effort to bring closure and justice for her family.

“We stayed positive, upbeat,” he said. “We knew we were here for a mission to bring closure and hopefully that’s what we’ve done.”

Terry led the search team that found remains along an abandoned property off of Old Lynchburg Road in southern Albemarle County. Saturday’s discovery came more than a month after Graham was last seen walking along the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia on September 13.

The remains were taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Richmond to be autopsied and positively identified.

“These are human remains,” Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said at a press conference Saturday evening. “Forensic tests need to be conducted to determine the identification of those remains.”

The discovery comes 35 days after Graham was last seen, on several surveillance cameras, in Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall area. That footage showed her leaving the Tempo Bar at around 2 a.m. on Sept. 13, as well as a man — later identified by authorities as Jesse Matthew, 32, — following her.

On Sept. 24, Matthew was taken into custody while camping on a beach in Galveston, Texas, some 1,300 miles from Charlottesville. He is the only person detained in connection with Graham’s disappearance, charged with abduction with the intent to defile.

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      • ET

        God is not the killer. Read your bible to be kept from error. Satan is the killer, thief, and destroyer, that’s what the bible says. Those who do not know God say He is the cause of bad things happening. Read your bibles.

      • dtschuck

        ET says Satan killed her but God help find the remains. Let’s see, everything bad that happens is the work of Satan and everything good that happens is the work of God. That’s good work if you can get it, but it makes no sense, much like the rest of the Bible.

    • Edward lee

      I hope your comment stays in you head and keeps you up at night. I do, and when it does, that’s when you’ll begin to understand the power of God. Good luck.

      • Dario Impini

        The power of god? Where was his power when this young woman was being murdered?

        His power is to help someone look for her remains but not to stop her murder? I vote for someone with more power. God’s power is not the kind of power I’m impressed with. Nor would you be if you gave it some thought.

  • Efelix

    We are given choices and if we choose to live our lives as sinners then that’s what we choose. We’ve all once heard of the word he who believes in my son shall have everlasting life. We dknt know if she in those last moments of her life in the mess of this man killing her the thoughts that began to race in her mind life, death happiness, choices, forgiving, love, mother, father, brother, sister, God, faith belief! God forgive me God forgive me someone help someone please help but no one came we are born to direr all know that! We just don’t know how it is we die. It’s sad that she had to die this way but we don’t know her outcome we don’t know her struggle at those very last moments. That very last breath she took as she drifted away from life within her her soul could have flown to God. In the last moments of Christ’s death one of the theifs recognized he was a sinner and asked Jesus to remember him when he is in his Kingdom and what did Jesus say? You are with me there now in paradise. God Bless her soul may she be in a better place far from our judgement.