Garden dedicated in Milford teen’s memory

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MILFORD -- In a quiet corner of Jonathan Law High School sits Maren's Memory Garden, a glimmering, yet humble, tribute to Maren Sanchez, who was just that.

"She was so beautiful in so many ways, but she was not -- it wasn't about the show," said Fran Thompson, principal at Jonathan Law High School.

The 16-year-old was tragically killed six months ago this week.

At the garden's dedication on Wednesday afternoon, Maren's friends told FOX CT they plan to use it as a place to remember and reflect.

"I think that it just gives comfort to anyone and everyone. It's just a place where you can rest and find, find yourself and find a nice place to have serenity," said Rachel Escobar, Maren's friend.

The garden features benches with Maren's name and a special sculpture with wind chimes, made by a local artist. The memorial, stocked with flowers in purple, Maren's favorite color, is publicly accessible and strategically located.

"She was the manager of the softball team, so this overlooks the ball fields which is nice, so someone can come on a Saturday and just sit and enjoy it and find some peace," said Thompson.

As chimes from Maren's new memorial gently sang outside the high school, her old classmates loudly cheered in her name inside, as the Law girls volleyball team played their Senior Night match, specifically in honor of Maren.

Wednesday's two dedications are just another show of support in Milford, where a carnival, drama play, vigils and more have been put on in Maren's memory.

Many say that support won't stop anytime soon.

"It's in our hearts and in our community. We will never let this forget. There will be other events," said Mike DeGrego, a Board of Ed member. " It will always be for us to think of and remember."

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