North Haven woman exposes bad Connecticut drivers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It's something seen on our roads every day: A terrible turn here, a red light run-through there. But even if bad drivers may have escaped a ticket, Wendy LeGault wants them to know they're not getting off easy.

"Some people just do the stupidest things. I still get shocked after doing this for over a year," said LeGault, who is the administrator, editor and videographer behind "Bad Drivers of Connecticut," a YouTube page that highlights risky moves people make behind the wheel.

"There was this one night on my way home from work, there was this really bad accident that happened in front of me. You know, single car accident that got completely destroyed, so I just decided to get it on camera for my safety and my security if anything happened, but also just to show everybody what's happening on the roads," said LeGault.

She takes her videos with a dashboard camera, then burns in some commentary.  LeGault uploaded her 18th "Bad Drivers of Connecticut" compilation over the weekend.

"It's my commutes to work, to the store," said LeGault. "The longest part is going through all the footage, and then, when it comes to the editing and putting it together into a video and uploading it, that's a couple more hours there."

The exposé on terrible driving doesn't stop in Connecticut. A quick YouTube search shows "Bad Driver" recordings from many different places, including South Carolina, California, Michigan and, even internationally, in Canada, Russia and Holland.

"People like to watch people do bad things and it's just, I guess, it's entertaining for some people, educational for other people," said LeGault.

She said her work on the roads is hands-free and hopes it makes a difference.

"It'd be great if it gets noticed by the police or the authorities and they say, 'Hey look, this area is really bad. We should take a look at it.' But I'll keep doing it so long as there is bad drivers out there, haha," said LeGault.

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  • Stephen J DeMonico

    I watched several of these videos. This woman’s definition of “bad driver” seems to be “someone that does something I don’t like.” Meanwhile she is shown overtaking and passing vehicles on the right as well as tailgating. She’s the real star of her own videos.

    • Dave Small

      Stephen I agree with you this women drives like sh*t. Oh what the **** how dare you you pull out in front of me, Oh what the **** how dare you stop to turn into a gas station. What the **** how dare you turn down a lane to find parking space while I fly trough the parking lot at wall mart. Stop sign “there not for me” they are there so I complain when other people don’t stop for them. Speeding, tailgating, riding in the left lane when she does not have to.

  • Kris Reindel

    In response to the previous comment (stephen), Most all of the bad drivers series put on youtube are not there for the purpose of incrimination. They are merely for entertainment purposes, and if you watch many of them, they actually state that before the video even starts: This video is for entertainemnt only. That is why some of the clips may appear to be minor and not worthy of being a bad driver, but they are silly things other drivers are doing that are enjoyable to watch. And that’s why we watch them.

  • Ctop2

    She’s a total hypocrit! She is complaining about others running red lights and being left lane trolls when she is a left lane troll and her 3rd video shows her running stop signs and red lights. What a bunch of crap! I hope the cops watch it so they can stop her!