Transgender teen accuses the State of treating her like a boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An amended lawsuit filed on behalf of a transgender teenage girl alleges that staff members at a State run, male juvenile detention center treat her like a boy.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, states that the 16-year-old, known only as Jane Doe, is forced to wear boy’s uniforms and is not allowed to wear her wig or makeup. The lawsuit also states that staff members at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School refer to Jane by her male birth name and with male pronouns.

“It is psychologically damaging and harmful for a transgender female to be placed in a male facility and to be unable to express herself as female,” the lawsuit states.

Attorneys for Jane first filed a Federal lawsuit against the State Department of Children and Families and the Department of Corrections in April alleging that Jane’s constitutional rights were violated when she was placed in solitary confinement in different correctional settings.

Her case drew attention from children’s rights advocates when she was transferred to an adult, female correctional facility despite having no criminal charges against her.

Recently, Jane has remained in solitary confinement at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School, her attorney said.

"The conditions that Jane is being kept in are inappropriate," Jane’s attorney David Rosen said.

The Attorney General’s Office declined to comment on this story citing pending litigation.

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  • Wonder Weirdo

    If this teen didn’t weren’t a male, then HE wouldn’t be in a male facility. He’s probably being charged with something and has a psychological problem making him want to be female. He’s where he belongs.

    • Elspeth

      Reading comprehension please. The child has NO criminal charges pending and has NOT been convicted of anything. This child ended up in the system because she was removed from her parents custody and placed into a group home. The state taxpayers should be up in arms over the treatment of this child because, due to the persistent violation of this child’s civil rights, the state, and thus the tax payers, will end up having to pay this child and her attorney’s MILLIONS of dollars that could better be spent elsewhere. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to lock a citizen up in a PRISON without the benefit of criminal trial. That the State has done that demonstrates quite convincingly that the State has lost control of its senses and the powers that be should be removed from the equation. This is not a dictatorship or a totalitarian regime, you don’t get to lock anyone, let alone a child, up in the US in PRISON just because you do not agree with their sexual orientation or gender expression.