Upperclassmen forced Ridgefield students to drink alcohol, students say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

After incidents of hazing were reported at Ridgefield High School, local police are stepping in to investigate.

It reportedly involves an undisclosed number of student athletes who are being disciplined, according to leaders at the district.

Last week Ridgefield High School Principal, Stacey Gross sent out a letter to parents addressing the matter.

In the letter, she stated hazing, bullying and intimidation had taken place with some of the athletic teams involving athletes and non-athletes.

Gross did not specify what exactly had taken place nor have police, but according to students, it involved upperclassmen hazing underclassmen by forcing them to drink alcohol.

Students also say some cheerleaders were victims, which is why the school almost canceled last Friday’s pep rally. But the district decided to follow through, as to not punish the many students who did not participate in the behavior.

In the letter sent out, Gross said more needs to be done to educate students about hazing, “Most students and families understand that hazing has no place in Ridgefield; the challenge will be to reach those who don’t yet get it.”

It’s unknown whether charges will be filed against students who were involved, but according to school leaders, the students who were victims are receiving support.

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  • Lisa

    Those students should be expelled and kicked off of the team! With all of the media and school programs and coverage there should be NO MORE bullying OR Hazing anywhere! Absolute ZERO TOLERANCE!!! We can only hope that extreme consequences will show these kids that this kind of behavior is Unacceptable!!

  • Ct girl

    Forced?! I think not their heads were not held down and alcohol poured in their mouths. Also ask the parents why they allowed their children to sleep over kids house on a school night when Thursday was spirit day??? Also just the cheerleaders…better investigate more,


    first off, “forced”….you mean “voluntarily” drank alcohol. Hahah i love how ridge field is trying to make this into a bigger deal with bullying…when really kids make mistake. We made a mistake. No body was bullied at all, so wherever this is coming from is ridiculous. Also, most kids asked the upperclassman to do it to them…for attention obviously. Most kids found it funny, although it may not be….nobody was bullied so charges for that are lies. I get the drinking and drugs but honestly the parents encouraged it after letters were sent out specifically saying “No hazing”. They allowed kids to sleep at each others houses…which obviously meant the kids new it was going to happen and stuff would be involved.. so please tell me bullying? ya no. Just ridge field kids looking for attention and trouble and the school trying to make the issue into a bigger deal with bullying when in reality we (kids) don’t care what happened and are already over it. I understand consequences being needed but honestly…all this lying about bullying and bigger issues that never even happened need to stop.

  • 1415

    Why is it that they are ALWAYS victims. I am on the cheer team at RHS and you have the right to say some cheerleaders were involved, without confirming with them. Yes there were incident but oh don’t worry about the other sports teams that were highly effected lets just mess with them. NO stay the fuck away from ridgefield okay we don’t want or need this attention.